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Single female traveler

Being a single female traveler is not uncommon.  Matter of fact, the research I have done shows that more and more women are traveling by themselves and loving it!  I am 50 years old.   I married young and started my family.  Travel was not part of the plan.  Traveling to the market and amusement parks and of course, the annual camping trips were part of the order.

I am single now, divorced (twice), shhhh.. don’t tell.  I can honestly say, that wisdom I heard so much about as a young child and young adult, well ya, I can say I have some of it now.  We can get into that later… :).

My first trip to the United Kingdom was April/May of 2016.  IT CHANGED MY LIFE.  How so?  It changed my outlook on life and made me realize how big this world really is.  Sure, I lived vicariously and still go through the internet and other peoples stories, but don’t we all?, but come on.. the feeling of landing at Heathrow was AMAZING.  I know, I know, this is commonplace for lots of people, but not as many as one would imagine.

Working on this blog is going to be amazing for me and you!  I get to tell you all the really cool and weird things that I saw and will see and you can take that journey with me!  I know there are some people that can’t travel or are very limited, so I hope that my stories, my experiences, my travels, pictures inspire you to use your imagination and take these journeys with me.  Then, when I hear the term, “Single, female traveler”?, I can say, “Oh heck yes I am”.  Let’s see where I will be in a year.

See you soon!





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  1. I adore your writings! Thank you for spreading the message of solo travel -especially for all the women out there- It truly warms my heart.

    1. wherewillyoubeinayear says:

      Thank you so much!!!! I hope you enjoy all of it.. it’s a work in progress!!… Solo travel is so amazing!!

    2. wherewillyoubeinayear says:

      Thank you so much!!!! We are amazing!!

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