Kilt Rock on the Isle of Skye May 2016

Scotland.  You will hear a lot about Scotland.  I suppose the fascination began as a child and manifested into an obsession in my adult years.  Of course, life kinda took over for a while but never, ever did the land of my ancestor leave my heart.  Sure, I am much more than Scottish.  Scottish, Irish and Welsh.  English.  German.  Scandinavian.  (More than I knew).  I started to look into my family tree.  27 years ago to be exact, but that is a different blog.

Scotland.  April and May of 2016 I finally went.  The land of many castles, lochs and one lake… which one is it?, Dumfries and Galloway, Edinburgh, Stirling, Dunkeld and Birnam, Aberdeen, Fraserburgh, Portree, The Fairy Glens and The Fairy Pools.  The Isle of Lewis and Harris and the intensely beautiful Callanish Standing Stones. (Where Gaelic is still spoken)!  Inverness, Drumnadrochit. Oban and the tiny Isle of Iona.  Rounding up that trip in Newcastle upon Tyne and fly from Heathrow.  Wow… It was INCREDIBLE.

With each post, I will discuss where I stayed and add some awesome pictures.  I went back in October 2017 with my good friend Paula.  I will post about that as well.  I hope to post a few times a week highlighting them all and giving out some sound advise where I can as an American in Scotland.

The pictures are all my own, the first trip mostly all taken on my Tablet due to the early demise of my phone which died on the stones of a castle floor, a castle of my ancestors, Linlithgow Castle.

Feashar math, for now, see you soon



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