Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl


I waited for something amazing to happen..  By the way, I loved that movie… and duh, it was Sunday, not even listed on the door!!! wow, they must have been fighting the bad guys…



Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl.  My Great, great, great, great and the greats go on.. grandfather..  DNA tested through my dad, thanks dad for your DNA sample!!.  I have discovered that our family descended from Sir John.  I am sure that I will find out more when his BIG Y results come in in June or July.  Genetic DNA is a mystery to me, but one I plan on figuring out.  For all of those who know me, know that my family is the world to me, but they also know that my ancestors are my fascination.  I love looking up dead relatives as I call them.

I started this fascination 27 years ago for my then father-in-law who wanted to know how much Native American blood his family had.  What a journey it has brought me.  From the halls of the Mormon Church in Downtown Los Angeles to their wonderful website, the journey to discovery has been amazing.

My coworkers know how much I love this, my family knows how much I love this, my friends, heck even strangers know, it is a great ice breaker conversation with the stuffiest of people.  What I have discovered is the average person in Scotland, the land of my heart, don’t really care too much for the American fascination.  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!! I was appalled, to say the least, and then realized, well, for the most part, they kind know from whom they descend, not all, but a good share of them.  It is us Americans, the people who came to the melting pot from near and far and blended so many together.  From the English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh to the Italian, Spanish, Polish and Romanians.  Our people came from all over!

A lot of them did not come here willingly and that is a travesty that we live with and should acknowledge, but to learn where our ancestors originated from is the utter fascination.  I will do a separate blog on my DNA breakdown and how my kids differ from me, yet are the same.

Back to Grandpa John.  He had 7 sons, more who knows, but 7 and one daughter.  One of these sons is my direct descendant as well, but WHO is he?  That is my dilemma and one I plan to find out!!!! So in the meantime, it’s back to Scotland to discover more relatives of days gone by and Scotland is just one of many countries.  Ireland, England, and Wales are on the list!  I have a lot to do in these years to come!!  Come with me on my journeys!!!



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