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Adventures are waiting…

Latha math !  

Adventures are always waiting, it’s just how we see something like an adventure.  A work trip could be turned into an adventure.  A school event could definitely be an adventure.  Traveling has become a new adventure.  We all have our priorities in life.  Family, work, work, family.. and so on.. but here in the United States especially, I personally think that adventures are just too far and few between.

When my kids were little we did the small adventures, camping, amusement parks, sports, school events, heck even sleepovers are adventures, but for most us, we have been planning adventures since we were kids.  Some of us have been lucky enough to have been able to fulfill and lots of us have not.

I have decided that what we make of life can be an adventure.  I think my daily life is adventurous, but now I want to see the world and all of its beauty.  Sure, I have been working a lot to save money, but it’s going to be worth it… I can’t wait to plan the next and the next and the next.  

This year I am lucky enough to be going on three adventures.  By the way, I know I am a weirdo, but I love to fly… I hate being on boats or long car rides as a passenger, but I love, love to fly… ok that is out of the way… anyhow.. its Scotland, Italy, and England.  I can’t wait.  

Plan an adventure, I challenge you!  Start out small if that is all the budget or time allows, even exploring your local museums or arboretums can be wonderful.  Take a train ride for the day or overnight.  Ride your bike.  Bring out the adventure in your soul.  They don’t have to be an expensive, time-consuming thing.  Remember life is an adventure.  We are never guaranteed tomorrow, so make today worth it!

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