Dinner in Dumfries

Dinner in Dumfries

These lovely people are my newly adopted family The Mulhearn’s (Tommy is since passed away) :(.  I told them this and they did not disagree with me.  I had the honor of meeting with them when I first arrived in Dumfries.. they were my go-to family.  They are family of my dad’s good friend Bruce and I could not wait to meet them so that is why I planned on Dumfries first!!!

I was welcomed into their home my first day in Scotland after my very interesting morning and day driving around on the wrong side of the road!!! lol.. according to legend, Americans drive on the “wrong” side of the road!.

Caroline and Gordon came over later this evening.. by the way, the sun goes down late in Scotland during this time of year… so the sun was still up.. and Gordon drove us to dinner, but first stopping one of the castles that I could not find during my lost driving.

Caerlaverock Castle.  I still can’t pronounce this well.  It was closed but they were so kind as to drive me there and let me get a few pictures… I will be going back for sure.. to see it when it’s open.

For all you Outlanders fans, just an FYI, Sam Heughan was born in Dumfries and Galloway.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_Heughan.

Sam Heughan


After visiting the Castle, we heading the Nith Hotel to have dinner.  Remember people, dinner is different in Scotland and well I am sure the UK than in the US.  You can’t just pop in.  They knew we were coming and it was getting late, but we were seated and had a “lovely” dinner.  I have picked this word up.  Lovely describes so much and well it is a lovely word.

I was dropped off after a lovely night to my B&B in Douglas Castle, the only B&B I stayed in my whole trip and it was discovered after my family left… I left all of my stuff at Tommy and Grace’s house in Dumfries… Frankly, I was too tired to care… I had not slept for over 24 hours… soooooo I got my stuff the next day… but in my next post… I shall talk about checking out the museum and being rained on.. which by the by.. it a very common thing here in Scotland.. 🙂

Tiaraidh an dràsda!


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