Edinburgh the Capital City

Edinburgh the Capital City

Edinburgh.  The Capital of Scotland.  The Castle is there, tourism at its best, tour buses all over, peddlers with their wares.  I found my hostel that night after a ONE hour circle that I made due to lack of GPS!! People get GPS, figure it out, get some GPS so you can find your resting spot.  I stayed at the Cowgate Hostel.  I had no idea where I was, but I found out quick, after finding the hostel an hour after getting off the bus, and walking up and down closes… these are our version of an alley, which are no joke!!!! Up and down hills and let me tell you unless you are from this area, don’t wear heels!!!

My hostel was like… mmm 15 minutes tops from the bus station.. ugg!!!!!.  Anyhow, I found it and checked in.  Late of course, but there.  OMG, my first official hostel.  It was a room mixed, two bunk beds.  My roommates were two Italian men there to study English.  Both slept in their underwear and had very loud snores.  I slept that night in my clothes with the duvet and a pillow and a pub across the street that played really loud music until 3am.  I was in Edinburgh!!!! I was tired and excited at the same time.  I was going to get up early and see the castle!!! boy did I.

The pub played 80’s music all night, well until 3am and then my roommates, they got up and left at 7am to go to their English school.  I got up early as well, hit the shower and discovered the small shower and low water flow and did not care.  I showered, changed put my ass-kicking boots back on and headed out for breakfast and the Castle.

Next post about the incredible emotional feelings from entering the Castle.

Mòran taing 


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