Castle Douglas & Threave Castle

Castle Douglas & Threave Castle

28 April 2016 was my trip in the rain and I mean rain people, it turned to snow later to Threave Castle. I was so proud of myself.  First I have to mention the great night’s sleep and delicious breakfast at my B&B The Douglas House B&B.  It is located in Castle Douglas.  I am embarrassed to say, that is is the first time I saw pressed coffee!!! Oh, they do NOT use non-dairy creamer in the UK.  I think I mentioned this before, but it’s a shocker for this American in Scotland!!  I have to give a shout out to my hostess Linda Marshall!  She accommodated me the night before when I came in so late, made sure I was good to go and in the morning, fed me like a long haul trucker!!! Thank you for a night of great sleep, great food, and wonderful kindness. 

Threave Castle was on my list of places to visit for the simple reason of the connection through my ancestry.  Little did I know when I jumped on that bus to get there that there was no bus to take me back to the bus stop, it was closed and it rained really hard!.  Never fear adventurers.  I was going to get my picture!  There were people inside working on the landscape (in the rain).  My hats off for that!  Anyhow they said I could go look, so off I went.  I got some pictures in, breathing in the clean Scottish air and smell of something else.. snow.  I was getting colder as I stood there and realized I should head back to that bus stop.  

By now, the rain was heavier and well after asking the landscaping people where the bus stop was, they all stopped and stared at me like I some dodo head.  Bus?  No more buses today.  OMG, all I could think was, this is going to be a long walk.  Then my garden angel, with shears in her hands, said in her very British accent, “I will take you to the bus stop”.  Her kindness overwhelmed me.  This is not the first time I had experienced this in my short time in Scotland and it would not be the last.

We got into her car, muddy shoes and boots and she drove me to the bus stop.  Ever so grateful, She waved it off and said good luck and goodbye.  I was lucky.  I also needed to get back to Dumfries to get my larger backpack, the one with all of my clothes!!.  I got on the bus and that is when the snow started. 

Needless to say, I was lucky and blessed by the Goddess.  She always looks after me.  I headed into Dumfries and that is when I went to the museum and did not make it to Sweetheart Abbey due to the weather.  Traveling on buses and trains sometimes makes it really hard to plan trips when the weather does not cooperate. 

I did my tourist thing, took a cab to Tommy and Grace’s and got my backpack and headed to Edinburgh.  I sort of jumped the gun with my stories and posted some stuff about Edinburgh.  I am new at this, so please… apologies… 🙂    

I really want to back to Castle Douglas and see all that I did not see as a first time traveler along with a backpack.  Hopefully, that will be sooner than later!

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