Tips and Hints in Scotland

Tips and Hints in Scotland

Tips and Hints for the first time or almost first time single female traveler.  These are just a few things that come to mind.  You don’t have to be a female to appreciate this if you have never travelled alone or for the first time it’s just well, I am single, female and traveling.  

1.  Plan ahead.  I did and I suppose it was because I had about nine months to plan and prepare and was able to get advice from so many others that had traveled. 

2.  Research, research and research.  Google it, ask it, read it.  Google or whatever other search engine you use… use it!, but don’t believe everything you read, pick through and your common sense will let you know, cause if you don’t have common sense, maybe a trip alone is not on the menu.

3.  Don’t overpack!.  I can’t emphasize this enough.  It’s like camping.  You DON’T need ten pairs of shoes, you just don’t.  I took a backpack for one month and made it work.  I then realized how much stuff I don’t need.  Shampoo, conditioner and soap can be used sparingly and replenished easily.  You don’t need 20 pairs of pjs.  

4.  You will get lost!.  GPS is amazing, but even with that you will get lost.  My first trip I used only Wifi and downloaded Google Maps to my phone.  I tell you the one and only day I rented a car, it was terrifying, no lie, I did not get the GPS option and was lost for over 2 hours.  After almost giving up, I stopped on a road that I memorized from nine months of studying and suddenly remembered where it was.  I was there in 10 minutes, but honestly, I got lost more than I wanted to.  Ask for help and remember the help you get may be genuine but they could be lost too. 

5.  Don’t forget, you came to your destination for a reason.  Enjoy the journey.  Sit, have a cup of coffee, whisky or tea, (no iced tea in Scotland), try the food, yes even the haggis

Remember your experiences are what makes it amazing.  

6.  I must mention, if you are from the States and never travelled to the UK, at least in England and Scotland (the places I went), there is NO non-dairy creamer.  No toilet seat covers.  No ice tea.  No American mustard, dijon yes, our style, nope.  They do have Subway and the kind workers there had mercy for me during my education.  A rare Starbucks (again, no non-dairy creamer).  You have to pay at most places (besides food places or pubs) to use the toilet (it’s not called bathroom or restroom).  Keep small coins on you at all times if you pee a lot.  Water toilet means:  Bathroom, toilet, restroom.  They recycle in the UK.  Bring a bag or two if your at the market.  They charge for bags.  5 pence add up.  

7.  They drive on the LEFT side of the road.  Remember crossing the street as a kid and being taught, look left, right and left again?  Well do that and you might die!  There it is right, left and right again!!!!!

I will post more tips and hints in my next edition of:

Tips and Hints in Scotland

Ttiaraidh an dràsda!


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