A sunny day in Holyrood… A working Palace…

A sunny day in Holyrood… A working Palace…


It is a working palace that the Queen of England still stays at when she in town, though Balmoral is the place where she relaxes with family.   It was a beautiful palace with wonderful history and artifacts to see.  

  1. No photography inside the palace.  (did not know this when I first went in, they told me). 🙂
  2. It is not part of Historic Scotland or the National Trust for Scotland, however the first year I went they gave me a discount, no such luck the second year.  
  3. It has a cafe in front of the Palace for lovely coffees and soups.

I loved being a tourist here to see all the incredible paintings and furniture from so long ago.  Being in any castle or palace just sets me up for excitement.

Being alone gave me the chance to take my time, ask questions and just STARE at all the finery.  There was a dining room table that was bigger than some tiny houses!  See below the photos I took.  They stopped me and I am not that stealth yet to sneak them cause they watch you very well!

There are quite a lot of visitors to the Palace.  Be prepared for people to run into you or just plan not see you.. the single traveler syndrome… {Most people assume your with another person} 🙂

Mary Queen of Scots

My ancestor, Mary Queen of Scots lived for a time.  I was able to go into her bedchamber where and saw her little dinner or supper room was.  She was eating there when her secretary David Rizzio was killed by her husband in a jealous rage.  Her husband was Lord Darnley and some Scottish lords did the deed.  He was stabbed 56 times.  WTF!!!

Umm so dead right.  So the story is that David’s blood stains are still visible in the Outer Chamber and guess what?  I saw the bloodstains.  My gosh, those rooms were small too!  Ancestor Mary was tall for her time… she was approx 5 foot 11.  Super-tall lady for that era.  It was very surreal for me… and again being alone I was able to take my time.  

When you go, take the time to look at all the details in the tapestries and paintings.  AMAZEBALLS!!!

{sometimes the inner child comes out in my words.. see above.. amaze balls}.

I loved, loved the Abbey and the Garden.  I took some pictures that I will share below with you.. and I will put these in my photo gallery.  Below here is inside the ruins of the Abbey.  I could almost feel the presence of people here… ones that I could not see.


The Gardens were so lovely and serene.  I tried to imagine the Queen walking the same path I did.  Please enjoy the pictures and the post.  


As always comments or corrections are appreciated!


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