Stirling Castle May 2nd 2016
Entrance to the Castle.. Exciting!!!

I could not wait to get here!  I arrived via train from Edinburgh, checking into the Willy Wallace Hostel in Stirling.  A hop, skip and a jump from the train station.  This is my plug for their place…  It is a hostel remember this folks, but it was a friendly, fun crowd and my bed was comfy as it could be.  ( I was happy to see other hostel goers older than me)!

  • Hostels I don’t think are known for fluffy mattress
  • Clean sheets and duvets are a MUST
  • Great kitchen area helps
  • Friendly staff

Check, check and check.  I even had a small table that I could lock my stuff in.  Which I did, it gets tiring to carry EVERYTHING!  Enough about that… Oh that is where by the by I found out at the subway across the street, they did not have “American” mustard.  LOL, the sandwich maker told me with a small chuckle… Now I know.. and if American mustard shows up, then yay for me!

Ok now on to Stirling Castle.  Another castle to see on my list.  Home to the Royal Families of Scotland.

It is part of Historic Scotland which I became a member over three years ago and totally worth it!!  I got all the discounts, the book with the stamps and the feeling of ya, this is totally bitchin.

It was surreal to enter the Castle grounds and just breathe in the essence of the surroundings.  I had been to Dumfries, Edinburgh and now Stirling.  A Castle is rich in history.  It was different here.  I could take pictures!!! 

I took my time walking through the Castle.  Which you can do when you travel alone!!!.  It was overwhelming, to say the least.  Many times in my travels in Scotland I felt this overwhelming feeling of having been there before.  This Castle has so much history and beauty.

Read all the links I have placed, for I could never imagine knowing even a sliver of history like what is available to read.  The beauty of this Castle is just that.. beauty.  Trying to incorporate my genealogy research along with my fascination with Scotland gets hard sometimes and reading as much as I can help.

Onward!.  I was amazed at how small?  the bed was in the King’s bedchamber.  I mean I pictured this gigantic bed, but then again, being from the US, even our plates of food are huge, so I am sure this bed was huge. 

XStirlingCastle May 2nd 2016XXXXXXXX
King’s Bedchamber… trying to picture how you sleep comfortably in here…

After seeing all the beautiful artwork and tapestries it was on to the Garden.  I love to garden, therefore, I love gardens!!!.  What is not to love about the simple yet elegant beauty of nature?  Would I see the ghost of Mary, Queen of Scots roaming the castle gardens?  there is a story that she haunts the castle, I thought maybe she might join me in the gardens.  

The Queen Anne Gardens.  Since the 1400’s there has been a garden here at the castle.  In the 1620s part of it was turned into a bowling lawn.  The flat part.  How fun to know they bowled so long ago!  Just walking around and taking in the beauty and wondering how the ladies of the court would be walking around arms linked around each other… whispering… 

It was a beautiful day to visit the castle and I can’t’ wait to go back and see things I missed the first time around.  As always, please leave your comments or corrections below and I hope you enjoyed visiting Stirling Castle.  

Tiaraidh an dràsda!






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