Dunkeld and Birnam/The Hermatige

Dunkeld and Birnam/The Hermatige

What a beautiful town.  They are very close to each other well I was so happy to stay there!  First, I stayed in a lovely Hostel.  Jessie Mac’s.  My room was cozy and clean. Tea kettle, a quick snack upon arrival and my room was warm  http://www.jessiemacs.co.uk/.  

Dunkeld and Birnam 5 May 2016

It was so nice there.  The ladies in charge were friendly, welcoming and entertaining, I found out later that night that Brenda one of the owners, was playing at the local pub with the town’s musicians.  It by far was the highlight of my trip.  I had wanted to find a local pub, local food, local people and local music.  I found all of that at http://www.thetaybankdunkeld.com/music/.  I was in heaven.  The beer was good, the music was awesome and the environment was just wanted I wanted!!! I recommend coming here if even in this lovely place.  I thought I had some video, but alas I can’t find the darn thing!

I spent two days here and for sure need to go back.  So much to see as far as hiking and long walks.  I went to The Hermitage.  https://www.nts.org.uk/visit/places/the-hermitage.  Beautiful. To think that this place was intended originally the Dukes of Atholl in the 18th century!  It truly was magical as the website suggests.  Kept looking for wee folk.   

I felt like I was in an enchanted forest.  I walked from the hostel, let me remind you, I always wore my ass-kicking boots, compression socks, wool socks and long johns under my clothes.  Everyday!.  What a California wimp.  I did not want to get cold.  I had my thin raincoat at all times and two layers of tops, in case of the weird chance that I could get warm.  That only happened on the Isle of Skye.  That day was really a warm day!  Hiking through these beautiful woods was so peaceful, except for my heaving breathing, lol.  

I recommend taking this hike.  Apparently, it is very popular.  It was once of the places I researched and was so happy that I did. 

Thank you for reading and always comments or corrections are always welcomed. 

Mòran taing








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