Historic Dunfermline Palace and Abbey

Historic Dunfermline Palace and Abbey


The home to Dunfermline Palace and Abbey.  It is managed by Historic Scotland.  A palace that was once home to some of my ancestors.  This is what I learned about Dunfermline Palace and Abbey.  Read about the Palace and Abbey here

  • It is a ruin.  A Royal Scottish Palace. 
  • It is next to the Abbey.  Dunfermline Abbey. 
  • It was favored by many Scottish Royals.  
  • Malcolm III made it his capital.  His seat Malcolm’s Tower.  
  • David II and James I of Scotland were both born at Dunfermline Palace. 
  • In the 16th century, Scotland’s rulers and royal family members were frequently in residence.
  • The palace was given as a wedding present in 1589 to James IV and Anne of Denmark by the king after their marriage.  Queen Anne was the mother of Elizabeth, Charles, and Robert. 
  • The palace was abandoned during the Cromwellian occupation and by 1708 the roof had come off and no monarchs were there any longer.
  • All that remains of this palace today are the kitchen, the cellars and south wall that is very imposing with a compelling opening over the south wall, south of the Firth of Forth.  

Walking through the Palace was haunting really.  To think about how much life was there and all the good and bad things that happened.  I could imagine the kitchens bustling with life and the King and Queen with their children all over the Palace.  I hope more good than bad happened here.

During my ancestry research after I left, I discovered that some of my ancestors were buried there at the abbey’s graveyard as well as my ancestors buried in the actual Abbey.

All and all it was an incredible day.  I did have a long bus ride back, closing my eyes on the bus I fancied a lively gathering of all the monarchs and their families in the Palace, eating, drinking and dancing.  A happy thought to have and one that got me through my hour-long bus ride.



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