Cruden Bay and Slains Castle

Cruden Bay and Slains Castle

Cruden Bay and Slains CastleCruden Bay - Google Maps

Just to give you an idea of where I was I posted this handy dandy screenshot of a map.  Dave and Pam of Aurora Guest House offered to take me from the Kinnaird Head Lighthouse back to my hostel in Aberdeen.  What I did not know was on the way back I would get a chance to see a part of Scotland that I didn’t even know about and would have never gotten to see on a bus or train. 

Lucky ME!!!!!

So, we stopped and took these great pictures.  They had a really nice camera and me?  I had my Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  I broke my phone or rather shattered it to death, LED death on the palace floor at Linlithgow Palace.  Lucky for me I had this tablet or no phone contact with family or any photos would have been as easy.  So, even though the battery was drained on a daily, it did a really, really great job!

After checking out the Bay, we heading to castle ruins which turned out to be Slains Castle.  So much later, after I got back to California and I read about the castle, I discovered that it was a possible inspiration for Bram Stoker and an inspiration for the setting of his tale, Count Dracula!  It was a very famous place in the 19th century and entertained many celebrities, including Bram Stoker. 

  • Kinda creepy castle
  • Kinda eerie when walking through the ruins
  • Super cool to walk through those ruins
  • Lucky Sheri to have met Dave and Pam to take me to Cruden Bay or the Bay of Cruden and to Slains Castle
  • I most definitely need to go back to Aberdeen

By the end of this drive, my poor tablet died and I was not able to take any of my own pictures of the last place Dave and Pam took me before dropping me off at my hostel.

We stopped at a loch along the way

and Dave was taking really neat pictures of the waterfowl and I just admired the beauty.   Our last stop was at the Footdee.

We stopped and walked around the Fittie.  It depends are where you are from how it is pronounced.  I placed a few links from Wikipedia so you might read about this really cool place.  I did not take these pictures below, they are from the creative commons and available for use.  This is just a smidge of they really cool cottages that we saw walking through the Fittie.

All and all it was an incredible day and incredible hosts!  I still count myself so very lucky to have met Dave and Pam and I hope when I return I can stay at their really cool B&B.  


Mòran taing







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