Kinnaird Head Lighthouse

Kinnaird Head Lighthouse

Museum Of Scottish Lighthouses.  That is where I went on a Sunday afternoon back in May 2016.   I remember thinking that if I could not find a bus back well then I was in big trouble.  Staying positive and hoping that I would not get lost, I began my journey.

Kinnaird Head Lighthouse May 8th 2016 3

One of the best things that I love about Scottish food is that I can usually find some hot soup and brown bread with a lovely coffee and that very cloudy drizzly day had me hoping that the tea room inside the lighthouse would be open after my journey.  

This day, I found myself on a long bus journey from Aberdeen to the Kinnaird Head Lighthouse in Fraserburgh.  Leaving the bus, I walked through town which was quiet and gray.  Sunday morning I am sure most were at church and or sleeping or resting.  

I found my way to the Lighthouse and much to my delight, it was still open!  Sometimes places closed early.  I went in and was told when the next tour was.  I looked around the gift shop.  I love to collect keyrings and pens and magnets.  So of course I purchased a few.  I looked around inside at the display of photos and description of the Lighthouse.

There was a couple that took the tour with me and later in this post I get to tell you how generous and nice they were to me on that cool gray day on a Sunday.  


I must admit, just having the three of us in the tour made it so much easier to hear all the small details by the tour guide and allowed more questions.  The day it seemed was a good day for this!  Now, I hoped that I would make the bus back to Aberdeen and not miss it!  I am so happy I went to the lighthouse that day!  Not only did I see an amazing lighthouse, I met some incredible people.  


Afterward I went to the tea room and had some yummy soup and bread and a cappuccino.  This is when the couple I had toured with started a more in depth conversation with me, even buying my cappuccino.  Dave and Pam own the Aurora Guest House in Aberdeen.   I found out that my hostel was very close to their B&B.  They were at the lighthouse that day to check it out and see if would be a good recommendation for their guests.  It turned out to be an amazing day with amazing people!  

It seemed that I would not get a bus back to Aberdeen and Dave and Pam offered to take me back!  Wow, I kept thinking to myself, the kindness and generosity I have had experienced in Scotland was pretty amazing, especially for a California girl.  In my next post I will post my pictures and journey I took with this amazing couple!!

As always, comments or corrections are appreciated!  


Tiaraidh an dràsda






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