Tips and Hints for UK travel…

Tips and Hints for UK travel…

I thought I would put together another tips and hints for you traveling to the United Kingdom and I pretty sure most of Europe give or take a few differences.  If taking an adventure by yourself, the first time, fifteen times or just need a refresher, please take this advice with a grain of salt.

All the opinions and links to sites are my own and not any others.  You may or may not agree with it all, but it’s been my experience or my opinions.  So, with that said here, we go!

  • As stated before, plan, plan and plan again.  Plot your destination.  Review the customs and do’s and don’t to where you travel.  
  • Get a credit card that DOES NOT have International Transaction fees.  There are many out there, do the research on which one works for you.  I have both the BOFA travel credit card and Capital One.  You might need more than one.
  • Research your destination.
  • What will the weather be like at the time you travel?
  • What types of foods do they serve? especially if you have a food intolerance, allergy or preference i.e; vegetarian, vegan, carnivore, omnivore, pescatarian, you get the idea.  
  • Don’t overpack!  I may repeat this one.
  • Book your ticket and rooms as soon as financially possible.  Going directly to the airlines’ websites and hotel/motel/hostels websites sometimes get better results. 
  • Google Map everything!  Plot your travel from the airport via bus, walking or car to your destinations.  [I got lost on my first day in Scotland and because I totally memorized the location I was looking for, I found it in 15 minutes].  {I can’t promise you will do the same, I just got lucky}.  You can download the map offline.
  • Taxi, bus, train, and walking in the United Kingdom or European way.  
  • In the United Kingdom, they speak English and we speak English.  It is not the same as English.  We have accents according to them and well I think they have accents.  Learn to listen with your ears, not your eyes when speaking with someone with a delightful accent.  BE RESPECTFUL.  Don’t say, “huh, I can’t understand you”, perhaps a “Sorry, could you repeat that please”, goes a long way. 
  • Just because they live in Edinburgh, does not mean they know where Cowgate is.  The lesson here, take it for a grain of salt, directions from the “locals”, your local might not really be one and does not want to let on. 
  • Women, if you use a purse, invest in one that is made for travel.  Travelon has a great selection of purses and wallets (RFID). 
  • RFID is made to protect your credit cards and such from very bad people who want to steal your information without ever touching you!  Check out Amazon for some great deals and if your a prime member even better.  I have two purses that have the wire in it to prevent a thief from slicing through my bag and I have two RFID wallets. 
  • Don’t dress like a tourist.  Your obvious already, but don’t call attention to yourself with really bright, loud clothes, lots of bags, and don’t drag your suitcase all over town unless it can’t be helped.
  • Make sure you get a travel money belt you can wear under your clothes and for Pete’s sake, don’t tell anyone you have it hidden under your clothes.  
  • I have read the recommendation from other sites that if your able to leave your passport and valuables, ladies clothes can be replaced, but your laptop, passport, money, etc, need to be secured, only leave it if you’re sure that the safe or locker is truly safe.  Again, research and read reviews of places.  


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