Come and see the Dinosaurs at Staffin Bay Beach!

Come and see the Dinosaurs at Staffin Bay Beach!


Dinosaurs!! .

I had read about them before getting here and I told my oldest daughter I would find them and take my shoes off and put my foot where their foot was.  Well, I found them, but alas, the tide was rising, it was sooooo sooooo slippery and we had minutes to get back to the bus, but I stuck my ass-kicking boots in there and guess what? they fit!  LOL.  

I rushed back as fast as the bus would drive, from Eilean Donan and had spoken to my roommates the night before, they were going to go with me to find the dinosaurs!  We jumped on the bus, still, lots of light left, the sunset at like 10pm and heading to what we thought was the dinosaur beach… hahahahaha…

The bus driver dropped us off and kindly asked when we would be done because it seemed that the bus stopped going up and down that road at 6pm.  He said he would come back for us at the Staffin Beach sign at 6pm.  We yelled our thanks and jumped out of the bus and walked/ran to the “beach”.  Well, it was incredible, beautiful and wet!! We really got wet looking around for these prints.. and dizzy from looking up and down.. at the incoming tide… yikes.  Lessons learned from this?

  • ASK someone in town before you head out where the heck you’re going!
  • They probably would have told us to get off at the Staffin Beach sign
  • The ocean is ever changing and it is water so you will get wet
  • Bobwire can catch your pants and rip them when your running or climbing
  • Wear kick-ass boots always!!!
  • You are going to get wet
  • Be prepared for disappointment and the unexpected feeling of discovery

We ended up not finding these elusive prints and we were running out of time!  Help!!! we looked for people, just sheep…

Staffin Bay Beach, Isle of Skye May 10th 2016 3
So adorable, but they had no idea where the prints were!

We finally made it back to the road and walked as fast as we could back up the road and then we saw the sign…

Staffin Bay Beach, Isle of Skye May 10th 2016 1
I know we can find them!
Staffin Bay Beach, Isle of Skye May 10th 2016 2
It took me and two other ladies over an hour to find them

Joy, happiness, excitement and we were running out of time for the bus to come back.  We almost ran all the way down.. lucky us, down the road, passing cars and people and I was determined to find the dinosaur prints.  I was not coming back to this spot and was busting a mission!  Then we had to stop for a brief moment for him…

Staffin Bay Beach, Isle of Skye May 10th 2016 16
Umm, no you can’t pass
Staffin Bay Beach, Isle of Skye May 10th 2016 15
Ok, go I won’t look!

EEEKKKK!… we scooted past our roadblock and kept running down the road!… 

Staffin Bay Beach, Isle of Skye May 10th 2016 4
Information about the dinosaurs

OMG, the sign we were looking for!!! We made it!!  Now, we needed to find these footprints!!!!  Staying as safe as we could in the slippery moss all over the rocks, we had sore necks later, kept looking down, out to the water to see the tide trying to rise and back to the rocks.!!!!!

Ah ha!!! Got you!!!

Holy cow batman!!! we found them.  I took all the pictures I could with my tablet that the battery was always dying, but I found my prints and have the proof.  Oh my gosh.. we had to run out of there.  UPHILL.  Backpacks flying, clothes still damp, we ran and ran to get to the bus stop by 6!  Out of breath and breathing hard, we made it and oh no, it did not show up at 6.  We made it like 5 minutes before 6 and well, we missed it.  Already thinking about hitchhiking back into Portree, we stopped and listened in between the bleating of the little lambs… t.h.e… BUS!!!!

YES, we did not miss it and we found out when the three of us rushed onto the bus that he waited a bit longer and though his shift was over, he came back for us.  Such a nice guy and of course I did not write his name down, I was just so thankful and he was so awesome.  We made it back into town, we all got off and heading to the hostel.

Hot shower, dinner and my facebook messenger chat with my kids excited about the day’s events and the incredible pictures that I was able to take.  Life was good.  

If you head to Staffin Beach…

  • Check the tide times
  • You find them during low tide
  • If you are in a car your set
  • If you take the bus give yourself enough time to walk down and walk back up
  • Charge your phone, camera or both
  • Don’t give up looking, you will find them
  • Don’t forget to take as many pictures as you can!

This is one of the coolest days so far on Skye.. until I went to the Fairy Glen and Fairy Pools.  I can’t rate one better than the other so it’s a tie.  Finding these ancient dinosaur footprints was something I may not ever see again or touch and well, I did both.  

As always comments or corrections are appreciated.

Beannachd leibh


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