The beautiful Isle of Skye

The beautiful Isle of Skye

The beautiful Isle of Skye

For all you Outlander fans, the intro song is about a lass on Skye.  It is haunting and makes you want to go there.  Lucky for me I did.  I went twice, to be honest, but this post is about 2016 and when I update 2017 you will see some even better pictures. 

I took the train and then the bus to the Isle of Skye in what the locals told me was their “summer” when I arrived.  I am not good with Celcius but in degrees, it was about 75°.  The day was warm and beautiful.  First, all the bus rides I took had to be taken with imperial mints, they sell for about a £1 at all the local stores and they saved my guts from barfing all over the place especially with all the stops and go with the buses and trains.  I went through bags of those mints and I need to make sure to get more when I go back!

I wanted to do so much when I got there, but only had two full days to do it.  Also, on the bus ride in from Inverness, I met a man (later at the bus stop in Portree officially), who was speaking Gaelic to my seatmate.  I almost fainted!  I had been studying this very hard language over the last 6 months before going to Scotland and too many people told me I would not hear anyone speak it and WTH!  I did.  Dougie, was my newly made friend and he lived on Skye, just coming back home when he saw his friend sitting next to me and began talking to her and I just let my jaw drop open!

He saw me stare at them talking and well we started talking at the bus stop, exchanged addresses and were penpals for a time.  I have not heard from Dougie in about 8 months or so and I was going to try to seek him out when I go again.  He was so nice and I hope he is doing well. 

 I checked into the Portree Independent Hostel.   They are super nice here and…

  1. You can wash your clothes at their laundry, for a fee of course and they will make change for you!
  2. The Showers were co-ed and I did not even care, but the water turns off fast so you need to be quick.
  3. They had lockers.
  4. They are a great resource for things to do on Skye and how to do them
  5. The kitchen is big and resourceful. 
  6. The market on Skye is small but has some good choices.  
  7. I would stay here again!

I met a lady in the square named Michelle and she was offering walking tours in town.  I could not get to my van tour till the 11th of May and the 10th I decided would be Eilean Donan Castle and looking for the dinosaur prints, so yes! I went on an awesome walking tour.  I am almost 100% positive this link to my hostess.

I remember the adorable hat she wore and really cute shoes.  It was £5 or £8 I can’t remember, but it was worth it.  Now, my memory is bad because I really think I was either the only one with her or just one or two people more.  Ugg, I need to blog as soon as it happens!!!   These are some pictures of where she took up.  Saw town, a cemetery, some churches and lots of history.  It was so awesome.  

All and all it was super cool to be just walking especially after being on the bus and looking at some of the histories of this beautiful town.  Skye itself is amazing, just like all over Scotland, but Skye’s popularity has risen so much that it’s natural resources are being damaged.  Be respectful of people.  This sadly happens in so many places after people catch on how incredible it is.  Mother Earth is our gift, please let us not destroy what she has given us. 

Can you picture Bonnie Prince Charlie coming through this Harbour during the Jacobite Rebellion?  I can..

Well, I ended up back at my hostel that night excited to look for dinosaur prints on Staffin Beach and taking the bus (Barf) lol to Eilean Donan Castle the next day.  As always comments or corrections are welcomed.

As Dougie would say to me…

Tiaraidh an dràsda 






















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