Touring Skye in 8 hours!

Touring Skye in 8 hours!

The Isle of Skye

Just the name sounds heavenly.  Driving over the bridge to Skye is a wonder to see.  I have to admit, this trip in 2016, my photos were either tons or few and on Skye, it was hit or miss.  I have mentioned that I had to use a tablet because the palace of Linlithgow killed my phone in one destructive crack to the face of my Samsung Note!!!.. Ah, I can still feel the anguish and fear of not being able to communicate with my family, but the tablet worked the whole time!  Just the battery died, a lot!

Driving in our van that day was me from California, another lady who was in the Air Force (American with her American husband), they were stationed in Germany and on Holiday.  Alex was from England and it was her first time to Skye.  We had another guest, I never caught his name but he was from India.  Then there was my new friend, Paula.  She was from Northern California and I from Southern California and you know it, my 2017 trip was with Paula.  I can’t wait to post about that!

Our host and for the life of me at this posting time, I can’t remember the name of the tour bus and the great host, but I will find it and update when I do!  He was born on the Island and definitely had a different sounding accent.  He spoke Gaelic as well.  I was warm and fuzzy hearing all the Gaelic being spoken.  I really was.  We started by getting to see Kilt Rock… 

Tour of Skye Kilt Rock May 11th 2016 8
Kilt Rock

Kilt RockIncredible and I was so lucky to see it again in 2017 but a completely different look it had.  Can’t wait to post that.  We also saw the beautiful Cuillins.  A sight for history and even movies had been filmed there!  Places where movies have been filmed…  It was definitely touristy that day and our host was an amazing driver and historian.  

The Fairy Glen and Fairy Pools.  

The Fairy Glen…  Don’t touch the rocks.  Leave them the way they are! 

Fairy Glen May 11th 2016 0
Me down at the bottom in the Fairy Glen (Thank you, Paula)
Fairy Glen May 11th 2016 1
How long had these stones been like this?

After leaving the Glen we headed to the pools.  Now, I was told if you “fell” into the water it was really a wee Fairy pushing you in, however, the water was freezing cold even in May.  The Fairy Pools!

Well in my adventure to the pools, Alex suggested getting our feet wet!  Paula said no, but I was game.  Taking off the boots and wool socks were no problem.  We walked along a large rock that looked flat enough for us to sit on.  Well, I should have known the wee fairies had it out for me in jest of course!

Before I could stop the push that I know I felt, I slide along the rock, breaking two of my toes with the slide, mind you these toes have been broken many times before and I knew the feeling, but the numbing cold water helped with the pain as I fell right in all the way in the icy cold water of this little pool!

Fairy Pools May 11th 2016 0
Before falling
Fairy Pools May 11th 2016 1
When in Scotland, swim with the Fairies!

We had to leave soon, so we got our quick swim in, heck I made the best of it.  Lucky for me the day was warm and I dried off fairly quickly and we then headed for Neist Point.  We did not make it to the Lighthouse that day but got some great group photos and I started collecting little bits of sheep’s wool that day and until I left.  It is so soft.

What an amazing day!  I could not wait to go back and lucky me I did the following year.  This year I am not sure if I am going to make it there or not, but I am sure going to try!  We had stopped along the way and got some fish and chips to eat and continued our journey until we took our last picture together at Sligachan Old Bridge.  

Sligachan Old Bridge May 11th 2016 Isle of Skye
We had a fabulous day and everyone was great! Paula took our picture!

We ended up back in Portree tired, happy and full of memories.  That is when my host offered to drive me to my next hostel which was down the road from his home.  The people of Scotland are amazing.  I spent the night in Flodigarry at my next hostel.  The host and hostess were kind and accommodating.  I got to my room, showered and ate the food I had left from Portree in their really nice kitchen.  Pasta goes a long way!

My roommates that night where I think 5 or 6 ladies on holiday and friends from their youth.  Loud and boisterous they were but having fun.  I spent just a quick night there because my journey was taking me to the Isle of Harris to the Callanish Standing Stones, where I tell you something magical happened to me that day.

As always comments and or corrections are welcomed!

Beannachd leibh




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