Callanish Standing Stones

Callanish Standing Stones

The Callanish Standing Stones.  Then name envokes mystery.  A place I have longed to see.  It is located on the Isle of Lewis.  I  arrived on Lewis via Harris that all started on a ferry.

It did not take too long to get from Skye to Lewis on the bus. 


Harris, Harris, UK to Laxdale, Isle of Lewis, UK - Google Maps

I was looking forward to checking into the .  I had rented a bunkhouse bed that could have held 4 people, but I got it all to myself!  Bunk beds, you know I slept on the lower bed!  My old bones felt it each time I went up and down the steps to an upper bunk.   

I had a really cool little bathroom with HOT water with no timer and a cool common room you could call it on one end and a cute kitchen on the other.  I checked in and then headed back to the market.  I walked to the CO-OP food store and bought my groceries and my wine.  I was able to wash my clothes and relax that night and I recommend this place for anyone staying on Lewis.  I had a great night and restful for my adventure to the Standing Stones the next day.  

The morning that I spend getting to the stones was one sort of life changing.  My life flashed before my eyes for a few scary moments on my bus journey to the stones.  I got on my bus the W2.  My driver looked and sounded like the rest, kinda of over tourists, but he never let on.  I sat fairly close to the front, ok in the front, I did not want to miss a thing.  

As we drove, more people got off until it was just me and Norman.  We were a good clip driving along the road when I heard him mumble about the bicycle ahead and the cattle grid.  It would seem that all of this created our bond.  Before I knew and Norman too, the bicycle stopped before the cattle grid on a single road!  He warned me to hold on and Norman my hero stopped that huge ass bus from becoming a statistic.  I am so glad I did not have to go to the bathroom!  I would have peed my pants for sure.

The bus stopped now.  We looked at each other, he mumbled a few choice words I am sure and after that we were friends.  He asked about my journey to the stones, I told him and he told me to wait for his bus to go back so I could the another part of the island, near the Blackhouses.  I was so excited, you see on a city but one never knows what you might see.  

I checked the times with Norman and off I went.  I quickly got my ticket.   I became a member before I even got to Scotland.  Still am.  🙂  I wanted to run to the stones, but I took my time and I am so glad that I did. 

With each step I could feel my heart pounding, the blood rushing in my body.  I felt breathless, emotional and in complete awe.  Now, we all have our beliefs in life and I don’t judge so please don’t judge me.  I stood in front of them, closed my eyes and felt myself remember, remember a time before.  I felt then and still feel with all conviction that I have been there before.  It sort of felt like a powerful burst of energy hit the center of my body.  I still have this feeling today.

Feeling a bit breathless, I approached them carefully and softly.  With so many emotions coming at me, I began crying.  It was a healthy cry and I needed it!  I spent about two hours at the stones before Norman came back for me.  There are three sites.  The first one is the largest and then the second and third smaller, but as equally compelling.  I sat for a bit just relishing in the beauty, mystery 

I wholly recommend you come here.  On so many levels of wonder.  I hope to come back here one day with a bit more time to spend at these incredible stones and their secrets. Norman came back for me just as he said and took me on a long bus ride back to town with a great view of a different part of the island I might not have seen.  I saw Norman a few more times before I left Lewis and I hope to see him again!

Callanish Standing Stones May 13th 2016 11
Great view of the stones
Callanish Standing Stones May 13th 2016 12
I know I could break a toe here!
Callanish Standing Stones May 13th 2016 13
Some of the smaller stone circles
Callanish Standing Stones May 13th 2016 14
Another view..

More photos…so incredible.  

As always comments or corrections are appreciated.  

Tapadh leibh


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