Inverness.  The capital of the Highlands. The  beautiful River Ness runs through it.  I arrived here after the Isle of Lewis and was going to be going to a Highland Games event at Gordon Castle.  The Highland Games are traditionally in spring and summer.  I was able to take a bus from Inverness and go to the lovely Gordon Castle in Fochabers, Moray.

OMG I was excited and let me tell you when it was all said and done!!! I was excited and hope to go back one day soon, sooner than later!  Before I went to the Castle, I arrived in Inverness ready to take a nap!  I had a ferry and bus ride already and was tired.  I found my hostel, checked in and nap time was on.  Then, up and off to explore this really cool town.  In my hostel I had one roommate.  Rob F.  He had just come from a pub crawl and other stuff in Edinburgh and was tired as well :).  Rob is from Nova Scotia.  I hope to go visit my friend there soon!

On the 14th of May in Inverness they had a car show in town and I got to hear and see my bagpipes.

Rob and I had dinner at a pub that night, we tried to get into,  but alas it was full of people and we were hungry so we found food and pints elsewhere.

Gordon Castle was the next day for me and Rob an aspiring photographer was looking for cool old cameras.  He found one.  I had a great time at the castle and hope to go there again.  It was so much fun.

I loved the Games.

The food, the music, the dogs and the rain.  I wanted to spend more time here but I was heading to Loch Ness and I had an appointment with Nessie herself!  I was heading to Drumnadrochit!  I can pronounce this very well now.  You try… I promise you can do it!

As always comments and or corrections are appreciated!

 Tiaraidh an dràsda



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