Can you say Drumnadrochit?  Where was Nessie?  Hiding in Loch Ness?

Can you say Drumnadrochit? Where was Nessie? Hiding in Loch Ness?


It’s Gaelic for sure.  As are most of the names of towns and villages and such I believe in Scotland.  🙂  Loch Ness and Nessie all of it so wonderful yes?  Urquhart Castle.  So beautiful.  I arrived there via bus in the morning and heading up the road to my hostel.  I stopped at the store and bought my food ahead of my arrival.  I have learned this saves an extra trip! was a bit rainy that morning but it cleared up!  I was a bit early but they let me stash my stuff so I could start my adventures!  Very nice people working here and I shared a room with two other ladies the next two nights.  I arrived on the 16th of May.  The day was young and sunny for the most part except a little bit of the rainy.  

I headed out to Urquhart Castle and to meet with Nessie too.  I walked to the castle from the hostel.  I walked a lot in Scotland and I was glad most of the time.  The worst rain I walked in was on Iona, but that is for later.

The walk was not too bad and lucky for me it was not hot!  The castle had lots of tour buses parked and at that time I was glad to be walking!  I really did walk a lot in Scotland.  Urquhart Castle.  Ruins, yet so much intact.  So much history and near Loch Ness.  I don’t believe that Nessie is a dinosaur from days gone by.  I believe she and many others are transports for the wee folk.  They take them where they need to go and sometimes, just sometimes they are seen by the common folk.  Ok, enough of my storytelling.

I got my ticket, sat and listened to a small show about the history of the castle and then began my exploration.  So much fun to walk around and imagine life here.   I must say, I think that most people were shorter than we are today.  Some of the steps and doorways were for much smaller people.  

It was really a great day.  I took my time exploring and looked everywhere for Nessie.  If she is out there she was hiding. some time to read up on the castle.  I just love the history in Scotland.  

I made my way back to the Loch Ness Backpackers.  I have to mention a drink that I tried.  Loch Ness Backpackers May 17th 2016 Irn-Bru 

  • This is NOT orange soda, I promise you this
  • It is a national soda in Scotland
  • It is for my palate, an acquired taste
  • Do not insult this drink in front of a local

It was a great day and a great adventure.  Please consider this castle and all that is around it for a stop in your Scottish adventures.  Tell Nessie hi for me…. 🙂

As always comments and or corrections are appreciated!!

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