Divach Falls or Dhivach Falls/ Drumnadrochit

Divach Falls or Dhivach Falls/ Drumnadrochit

It was a cool morning of the 17th of May when I ventured out in search of the falls.  Dhivach Falls.  Later in the day, I found out that I spent an extra hour going the “long” way to find these beautiful falls.  Oh well!  I had discovered I did that a lot.  My north and south radars were off and well, I found where I needed to go at some point.

Following signs and a road, I saw a car on my journey that was at the falls once I got there.  They had it easy, but I saw the incredible countryside and that made it all worth it.  I am sure the local farmers were used to people like me just walking right next to their farms looking a bit lost.  I wish I had taken more pictures of the walk UP the road ↑ that I took.  It was steep and whew, I really can still remember the heaving breathing and stopping so many times to catch my breath.    

I saw more sheep of course and I suppose it is because I don’t see them like they do in Scotland that I just think they are adorable!!!

Reflecting on my own thoughts was and is always something that I love about traveling.  I am blessed by the Goddess to be able to make these journeys and I hope to continue to do so.  

I ended up getting back to my hostel a lot quicker than it took me to get there and as soon as I go there, it rained.  Really rained.  I took advantage of the time to just rest.  Being on the go all the time, up early and to bed late make this lady tired.  It was well deserved and needed!  I was able to continue my journey the next day to Oban and then Iona…..

As always comments or corrections are appreciated!

Tapadh leibh



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