Iona… The Inner Hebrides jewel of spiritual retreats…

Iona… The Inner Hebrides jewel of spiritual retreats…

Iona.  Iona Abbey.   To be on this tiny island that my ancestors were buried was surreal.  There is so much history and it is so beautiful.  Iona - Google Maps

It was quite an adventure to get there.  I left Drumnadrochit via bus to Oban.

Oban, UK to Iona, United Kingdom - Google Maps

Taking the ferry from Oban to Mull and then to Iona.  The ferry ride to Iona from Mull was really like 10 minutes.  The journey from Mull to Iona via bus made me respect the bus drivers all the more.  Check out how close the Coos are…

I arrived in lots of rain and the prospect of walking to my hostel.  In the really, really bad rain.  (My version of really bad).  🙂 I got there early, so check-in was not possible, but they let me leave my stuff, change and head back to the Abbey for some pictures and some exploring.

It was quite an adventure, the rain did keep most people away, but I was amazed at the number of people that were there rain or shine!! I was one of them. 

I wish I could have stayed one day longer, but alas the hostel overbooked and I only had my one night.  I would have loved to explore more of the island.

It is truly a magical place and I am sure the spirit of St. Columba is always nearby!

Afterward, I stopped at the St. Columba Hotel for some lunch and yes even a pint in all that rain!

I headed back, tummy full and hoping to get down by the mighty North Atlantic Ocean to explore a bit.  I was in luck!  The clouds parted for a while and the rain let up and I was able to explore a bit!  

There are adorable sheep everywhere.  Little lambs looking for their mamas!  Scared of me.  It was a quick trip to Iona, but I would love to go back one day.  Try to go in the summer, it might be a bit warmer.

  • You can’t drive on the island
  • They do have a small taxi service
  • They also have a small store
  • Plan on sheep all over
  • The ferry ride is quick, but you have to get there first
  • Explore and enjoy
  • Check out the Abbey.  The history is amazing.
  • Don’t forget to pack for the ever-changing weather!

As always, comments or corrections are appreciated!!

Tiaraidh an dràsda







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