Newcastle Upon Tyne/Bamburgh Castle/Alnwick Castle

Newcastle Upon Tyne/Bamburgh Castle/Alnwick Castle

Newcastle Upon Tyne.  For the Americans that scratch their heads and say Tyne huh? Tyne is the river that runs through Newcastle.  It was once a coal mining town and where my dad’s best friend was born.  My new family picked me up at the train station and I knew who they were right away!!! I met them by the large clock in the station!.  They were so kind to me and after traveling alone for just about a month and not too many people to talk to other than a few chats, K and S heard it ALL!!!!

I am sure at the end of my two days, they were tired from listening to me, but I can’t wait to see them again!

Here is a quick video of us leaving the train station and heading into town.

Bamburgh Castle located in Northumberland, rugged coastline on the northeast coast of England.  I had ended my journey in Scotland and continued to England to spend the last few days abroad being spoiled by my dad’s friends… how are my adopted family now, whether they know it or not!  🙂

Northumberland is a beautiful coast and the castle was one of two that my family took me too in the two days I spent there.

It was definitely different from the castles and palaces I went to in Scotland.  It “felt” English.  No offense.  Just different architecture and design I believe.  

We went the next day, the 23rd to Alnwick Castle.  Alnwick Castle is beautiful, but most people will recognize this castle from Harry Potter.  I was lucky, I was able to explore a bit, and kept watching the weather and yes!!! I rained!! LOL, it rains a lot there and of course, I got caught in the rain.  

When I got inside, that is when I realized I had seen this place before.  In Harry Potter.  I was also told that they shot Christmas episode of Downton Abbey.  The threat of rain was there the whole time I was in the castle and lo and behold, it was raining when I got out!!

A super long video I know.. but this California girl just loves the rain because we just don’t random rain like this and when we do all hell breaks loose!!.  

Staying with family is so wonderful when you are far from home.  It feels warm and safe and loved.  K & S were wonderful to me and I appreciate it more than they will ever know.  The Castles were beautiful.  The countryside.  The city.  I had a blast.  I took the train back to London and flew home on the 23rd of May.

I spent almost a month in the U.K.  Mostly in Scotland.  A wee bit of time in England.  I missed my son-in-law graduating from basic training in the Air Force by one week, but I was able to watch him graduate later that year from his Tech school.

I learned a lot about myself.  What I was capable of as a single woman traveling.  Enjoying culture and diversity.  This journey opened the door for me to adventure.  Thank you for taking the time to read this journey and I hope you take the time for all of the others.

As always comments or corrections are appreciated!

Until next time!

Mòran taing





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