Beautiful Guam… the island surrounded by endless ocean…

Beautiful Guam… the island surrounded by endless ocean…

Hafa Adai. 

One phrase that I heard used throughout Guam. .  One of the tropical islands that is a US Territory.  I don’t like that word.  I believe it should be a state and have all the rights that states do.  I won’t turn this political, but if you ever visit Guam or Puerto Rico, then I am sure most would agree and then again some would disagree.  It is my opinion.  At any rate, I found myself there because my son-in-law was stationed there with my daughter for a year at Andersen Air Force Base.  

It takes quite a long time to get to Guam from Long Beach.  First I flew to Hawaii and stayed overnight because my daughter and son-in-law took their fur babies, so I flew with them and then my daughter met me the next day in Hawaii and together we flew to Guam with the pups to meet her husband in Guam.  We flew over the endless Pacific Ocean.  I wish I could have taken a photo or two, but on these long flights, the planes have the middle seating and that is where we were. 

On to Guam.  After flying there, I really and I mean really realized how long it takes to get there and my daughter and son-in-law were NOT a hop skip and a jump away.  What amazed me is how humid the island was, after we left the airport!  It was a balmy 75 at least the first night we got there.  The next almost three weeks I spent with my kids exploring a little, shopping and helping them the best I could.  We managed to go to Tumon Bay which is the tourist hub!  I was lucky to go to Tarague Beach on Andersen Air Force Base. .  Beautiful and the water, my goddess!! it was clean and warm and inviting.  The reef out further looked a bit scary, but we never got that close.

Like I mentioned, in between the getting organized and waiting for their stuff to arrive from the Mainland, we explored and found our way around the island.  Andersen Air Force Base is at one end and the Navy Base at the other end.  We were lucky to go on both and there the kids could buy things like furniture and groceries and they even had on the Navy base a food court that had good old junk food.

The local food is amazing and so good especially the red rice.  Check out this great link.  The kids were lucky that we a car to use and one of the other airmen that were sent to Guam from Sheppard had a car as well so transportation was not horrible.  What I could not find was a bus system that was nearby.  They had tourist buses, but not that I could find for the local people, but then again it could have been there and I never found it.  

There is one scary thing I did not like.  The number of dogs and cats for that matter that just roamed all over the island.  The whole time my daughter was there, they could never take their dogs out of the yard for a walk.  Only to the dog park on base.  There were just too many packs of “Boonie” dogs that might not like the friendly pups she has.  It was ok, they had a really big back yard and loved to chase the reptiles and birds from the fence.  

Hafa Adai


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