Life in Guam…

Life in Guam…

Spending time with my kids was the best thing about Guam, but by far, it is very very beautiful.  Japanese and Korean tourists frequent Guam because of the distance and one of their sayings is.. Where America’s Day begins.  The average temp that I remember was about 75 each day.. give or take.  The humidity was on a daily and rain mostly everyday.  Not consistent, but when a storm came over the island, the steam was rising.  

We went to Tumon Bay and went into the touristy areas.  It is so different from the rest of the island.  I mean they have designer stores and tour buses all over, but can you believe, tour buses go the the local Kmart.  The tourists loves stuff from America, especially the SPAM.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The other thing I noticed is how much it looks like the mainland, with food places and stores, but when you start to look around, you see the ocean for miles and miles.  This is not like back home, but it is!.  Everyone there were friendly with the “Hafa Adai” no matter where we went.  

We went to Asan Beach to think all that happened here!  What sacrifices that were made.

My time there was short but I was there in the beginning of November, so I made a traditional Thanksgiving meal for the kids and some of the Airmen.  They liked it I think.  Food is expensive here.  I believe everything is shipped in and very little is home grown.  It is a long shipping too.  It takes a while to get there from Japan, the Philippines or Hawaii.   

  • There are no direct flights from the mainland to Guam but a direct flight from Hawaii
  • The sun rises and sets about the same time everyday
  • There is NO daylight savings time
  • Bring lots of shorts and bug spray
  • There is no Starbucks!!!!
  • There is amazing food to be eaten.. just a bit pricier
  • Take the time to explore the Island 
  • The road can be dangerous, lots of flat tires can be had
  • Be respectful of the people and their culture!
  • Lots of Japanese is spoken here

Here are a few pictures of Dededo and some yummy Ramen eating near Tumon Bay!!!

As my trip ended and I was so sad to leave my kids

(they have returned home since then), my daughter and I started our morning before my flight at a very beautiful tourist spot.  Two Lovers Point.  


I left that day, crying for my kids.  Missing them so much.  I am blessed that they are home now and I thank you Guam for taking care of them and sending them all back home safe.  I hope to go back one day, but I am lucky.  Most people don’t go to Guam and they should.  It has a turbulent past and hopefully a better future.  

As always, thank you for reading and looking.  Any questions or corrections, please let me know.

Hafa Adai!


Don’t forget to buy some of these delights!!!! took at least 10 bags or more home!!!!! Yum, yum, yum!



My flight home was long but awesome….check me out on the plane and in Narita.



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