Maryland/Washington D.C

Maryland/Washington D.C


Climate change is real!  OMG I could not wait to go to the March for Science in 2017 and express myself.   My son, my youngest, went with me.  He coincidentally has friends in Maryland, so at least he had a great time hanging out with his friends in Maryland for the first time in person!  I have never been to our Capital and was excited to go for two reasons.  The March for Science and to explore a graveyard in Maryland I was pretty sure held some of my ancestors.

At any rate we arrived after a long day of flying, gotta love Southwest for great prices and flights!! We flew into Baltimore Washington International Airport.  Shuttled to get our car and heading to the hotel.  Tired and excited, we arrived on a Thursday night.  Friday was to be prep day for me and hang out day for the boy.  Also, I explored.  Wow, coming from California and states being so far away, it was cool to be in Maryland, DC and then Virginia.  

I headed to the All Hallows Episcopal Church.  Lots of history here and lots of ancestors.  (I found out later that year who they were).  I walked around and talked to them even though I was not sure where they were.  Established in 1692.  Wowzers!!!

So I walked around, took some pictures and then heading into D.C to get a view of where the March for Science would be the next day.

The next day, Saturday was the March for Science.  Rain was predicted and rain it did!  It did not deter us in the least.  My son, he wavered towards the end.  It seems after all the speakers especially BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY!  Yes spoke, people were ready to get this party started.  


It was a great experience and I really wished I could have gone this year, but alas my work schedule did not permit, but you bet I am going to work on it for next year!!!  The next day we were tourists.  We went to Museums and took funny pictures.

  1. Washington D.C gets hot!  We were there in April and though it rained it was hot and muggy
  2. There are A LOT of tourists!
  3. Bring an umbrella or at least a poncho
  4. Go to the museums, they are awesome
  5. If you want to make this a vacation you need at least a week to see the sights
  6. Washington D.C. is a busy city and the traffic is atrocious!
  7. Wear comfortable shoes!
  8. The National Mall is not the kind with clothing stores 
  9. Have a great time, don’t forget the Lincoln Memorial and the World War II Memorial and The Vietnam Veterans Memorial as well as all that the mall has to see

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had a great time.  It was a fast weekend and we did a lot in that time, but D.C is so cool and Maryland too.  We drove all over that weekend and I can’t wait to go back!

Take the time to explore your country!  As always comments or corrections are appreciated!  

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