I am here!  Back to my beloved Scotland

I am here! Back to my beloved Scotland

This trip to Scotland is shorter than the last two I took and with as much effort as possible, written about in real time!  I am here.  Long and I mean long travel day started on the 1st and ended about 21:00 here at the Agnes Blackadder Hall.  https://ace.st-andrews.ac.uk/accommodation/agnes-blackadder-hall/.

I started out in Long Beach at my favorite airport, sent to LAX via taxi due to a delayed flight from Phoenix, literally made it to board the plane with just minutes to spare.  My seat was not the one I would have chosen, but it all worked out and my flight on American was fabulous.  Shout out to the crew.  Here I am right before we took off.

Ready to go!.  Landing at Heathrow, our plane had to wait about 20 minutes to park.  Walked to that bus to take a lot of us to Terminal 5.  UGGG.  Oh ya then through customs, security and made it just in time for my flight to Edinburgh.

Oh ya, that plane sat for at least 30 minutes whilst engineers fixed a blade of some sort and oh yes.. on last thing, no catering trucks made it through.. no snacks.. but alas I survived, I had my own.  LOL.  Lucky for me not sure about my seatmate, but I had someone to chat with the trip to Scotland.  She was so nice.  

Made it to Edinburgh!  I love the sign, just could not get people from walking in front of it!  Cool Statue in honor of Eric “Winkle” Brown.  https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/our-region/edinburgh/statue-of-hero-pilot-eric-winkle-brown-unveiled-at-edinburgh-airport-1-4763059

After that is was buses for me to St. Andrews where I will be attending the Stewart Society Gathering!  I am so excited for this event.  So, please keep watching for updates of my busy two weeks, countdown has begun!  A few pictures on my into St. Andrews and a video from my room window of the rain.. we are rain starved in California!

As always comments or corrections are appreciated!

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