Lindores Abbey Distillery

Lindores Abbey Distillery

What a great day!  The Stewart Society is having their annual gathering and I am part of the festivities this year!  Our first adventure was on Friday, the 3rd of August.  We went to three places.  This post is on the Lindores Abbey Distillery.

We were on a tour bus, so it was awesome not to have to worry about transportation.  We heading the the Distillery about 10 am.  Took us about an hour to get there and I got to know my “new” cousin Sheena.  She was born in Scotland and moved to Australia about 40 years ago she said and had the lovely accent to go with it!  We were cousin buddies from that moment on!.  What a wonderful lady.  I also met other “cousins” and Beatrix was another that became my cousin buddy.

We arrived at the Distillery and about half of us stayed there and the other half went to the Abbey instead.  What a lovely building they have.  All new and very young in their whisky making, the Lindores Abbey Distillery was an old tradition brought back to life!

Helen was our guide and she was so incredible.  To know all the ins and outs of the whisky making process and to answer all the questions was a feat in itself.  Please use the link provided to read up on the Distillery and its history.  Their first cask was completed December of 2017 and would be opened in 2023.  Looks like I know where I will be!!!. We were given a tasting of their Aqua Vitae as well as another whisky after the tour.  Was good and I am not the biggest fan of spirits, which Aqua Vitae is, but I must say, I was warm and fuzzy after and it was not bad at all.

Please enjoy the video above of my photos!  I was a lovely day and so glad that we went.  It smelled like bread baking in there.  The barley and the process of what they do to it is quite amazing.  I really never knew how??? they made whisky and its is quite a process.  We even saw how they cut down the foam.  All of it so interesting.  

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and as always, comments or corrections are appreciated!

Tiaraidh an Dràsda





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