Fife Folk Museum/Falkland Palace

Fife Folk Museum/Falkland Palace


Not traditional American way of dating, but out of the US, it seems to be the norm.  I thought I would try it.  After Lindores we headed to Fife Folk Museum for a lovely tea and a look around the Museum.  We had a lovely tour guide, Katie and driver.. for the life of me I apologize, I forgot his name.  He was great though.  The traffic through Cupar was busy at the least.

I will just put all the pictures or most of them in a slideshow, it’s a bit easier to see and not so much scrolling.  The lovely Museum cafe accommodated us nicely and we had a lovely tea and then a stroll through the museum.  The weather was just perfect and the company even better.  This was two of three adventures that the Stewart Society planned for us to do and it was great “cousin” bonding time. 

Our last journey was to Falkland Palace, the playground the Royals, Stewarts especially.  I have to update my 2017 trip with many more pictures.  We went there as a Stewart group and only had one hour to get through the palace.  It is always interesting and I seem to learn something new each time I come.  Well, I have only been there twice, but I am sure I will be back!  For whatever dumb reason, my photos are not uploading properly, so rather than try to figure this out now, I am just going to post my post!



The evening ended with the Stewart Society gathering for nibbles and drinks and getting to know each other.  We had a gracious hostess and her home was beautiful.  Lucky for us we were able to enjoy her beautiful garden at her home in St. Andrews.  

As always comments or corrections are appreciated!  Until the next post..

Oidhche Mhath



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