St. Andrews

St. Andrews

St. Andrews.  Apparently Prince William attended University here and met Kate Middleton!  I wonder if they hung out where I was staying.  I stayed at the Agnes Blackadder Hall.  There were all sorts of different groups there!.  Our group was mostly there, the Stewart Society.  There were little golfers, big golfers and students.  I am sure many other groups were there too!   There was some construction outside, but inside was fine.

I really came to Scotland, not that I wanted a reason, to attend the Stewart Society gathering.  I joined for the obvious reason, my last name, but wow!!! amazing people that I am sure am related in some form or fashion and the nicest people, all of them!!!!

My newly found cousin, Sheena and I went to St. Andrews under siege, 1547.  We met the soldiers as they showed and talked to us about the event with their reenactment on Saturday, the 4th of August and our secretary Jenn is part of the group that runs this!

We then walked around town and had some lovely lunch and coffee.  Found my sash too!!

I took the picture after I ate the soup!   We walked back by the Golf Course and through a lovely park!.

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The night ended with our Stewart Gathering at the Byre Theatre.  It was an amazing time and I met so many wonderful people… (family?), I think some for sure!.  If you ever have a chance to go to this wonderful town of St. Andrews, you should.  For all the golfers, I understand this is THE GOLF course that is so desired!!!!

Thank you for reading my post.  Any comments or corrections are appreciated and until next time!!  FYI, I got a stress fracture that night of the Ceilidh… and I would do it all over again.. dancing every dance was amazing!!!!






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