Welcome to Edinburgh!

Welcome to Edinburgh!

The Fringe!  What the heck is the Fringe?  Edinburgh Festival is going on right now in the month of August and I walked right smack into it!  Dragging two bags and a large shoulder bag, I should have listened to my own tips and hints and not packed so much!!!!

At any rate, after leaving the train station… which by the way, on a Sunday the train was full!!! and I mean full.  Lucky for me fellow train riders that stood the whole way were really nice and we had fun while heading into Edinburgh.

After checking into my hostel.  https://royalmilebackpackers.com/  then realizing how many stairs I had to take from the train station and up to the hostel, lucky for me one of the ladies there helped me in the end, my legs still so sore from the Ceilidh, I needed a break for a while.  I just hung out and relaxed and it was during that time I realized all the NOISE from outside.  My hostel was literally on THE ROYAL MILE.  I hung my head out the window and so MANY people!  WOW, I had no idea it was going to be so huge and with the weather being so warm, people were EVERYWHERE!

I spent just three days there.  I have been to Edinburgh before and this time my itinerary included going The Royal Military Tattoo.  Wow, wait till you see the pictures and video! I took so many pictures and videos because I don’t know the next time I will see this.  During the day time, I spent it at the Scottish Genealogy Society.   https://www.scotsgenealogy.com/   Doing research on my Stewart line.  I got lucky!  I found some great information that I need to work out!

Here are some pictures from the Festival/Fringe crowd.  It was great weather for this crowd and lots of fun for them, just next time, I will not stay on the Royal Mile.  There was just a bit too much crowd for me.





The Festival runs for most of August.  Street performers and vendors and shows all day!

Welcome to Edinburgh!!!!

As always, comments or corrections are appreciated!!! Next up… The Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo!

Mòran Taing 




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