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Welcome to Italy!  Welcome to my post on my Italian vacation.  Pisa will be our first stop.  I came here with my friend Whitney, a well deserved vacation for both of us.  Where do I begin?  Well, we took our long flight, out of LAX which I am not a fan of the traffic, but my brother dropped us off…

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Elgin Cathedral

Beautiful, Elgin Cathedral in the town of Elgin in Scotland.  I was not going to go here, but the custodian at Spynie Palace told me about it and well, it really was 10 minutes away from Spynie, so why not?  I am so glad that I did. Why stop the trip now?  After visiting Balvenie Castle and Spynie Palace what…

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Spynie Palace…. Palace of my ancestors

Spynie Palace.  Upon entering I approached the custodian of the Palace for the day, who was a Stewart like me for information on visiting the site.  He filled me on some cool details about the Stewarts and much more. Spynie Palace  It was pretty cool to stand where my ancestor built something so cool and was pretty famous for it…

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Balvenie Castle

Balvenie Castle Near enough for a day drive from Aberdeen.  I did make it to my B&B and it was a wonderful sleep and delicious breakfast.  Off I went, after Dave parked my car for me the night before… I tell you after this trip, I am so much more confident driving on the left side of the road, shifting…

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Dunnottar Castle

Dunnottar Castle was incredible.  I have to say, incredible!  Read a little on the history.  I drove there from Ryton, near Newcastle Upon Tyne. It was a long drive, but it was nice.  I was able to hone my skills on the “stick shift” car on the left side of the road with a lot of roundabouts!  I tell…

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Driving with Sat Nav or Google Maps

This post will be my personal opinion of Sat Nav vs. Google Maps.  Please note that I have only used Google Maps in the United States and in Scotland and a part of England, therefore when I go to Italy and try this out, I hope it is the same great results! This is not a pitch for Google or…

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Newcastle Upon Tyne

Well, after my three days in Edinburgh, it was time to pick up the rental car and do some mileage towards Newcastle Upon Tyne.  I have posted about Newcastle in my 2016 trip, but this time, I was driving, with a Sat Nav and Google Maps.  Here goes my test theory on which one was better, if I could maneuver…

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