Driving with Sat Nav or Google Maps in the U.K.

Driving with Sat Nav or Google Maps in the U.K.

This post will be my personal opinion of Sat Nav vs. Google Maps.  Please note that I have only used Google Maps in the United States and in Scotland and a part of England, therefore when I go to Italy and try this out, I hope it is the same great results!

This is not a pitch for Google or their maps, but let’s face it, people, almost 100 percent of the time, it is a no-fail!  Now, location makes a difference in some places, like lack of GPS, however, you can download maps ahead of time and or prepare the phone with the map and I tested this in the Highlands of Scotland, well at least as high as Ullapool. 

So my time driving in Scotland and a bit of England made me realize some things:

  1. Americans are spoiled with wide roads, but according to some interviews in the UK, they believe bigger is not better.  I beg to differ, just an American view.
  2. THEY DRIVE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE ROAD!  I can’t emphasize this enough!
  3. Do you remember Willy Whistle?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-idpfcP6bY4   Left, right and left again.. uh not in the UK… It’s right, left and then right.. you won’t forget that after your head nearly gets torn off by doing the American way.
  4. Sat Nav:  My version was costly for sure, but the subtle words like bear right or bear left instead of stay left or stay right made a difference in my American speaking brain.  Her or his voice can almost sound, condescending.  🙂
  5. Google maps:  I love her voice, I am used to her voice and I know she will get me there!  She avoids traffic!  She is Google Maps.
  6. With a score of 1 out of 10 for Sat Nav, I give it a             7
  7. With a score of 1 out 10 for Google Maps, I give it a        9

I would love to give Google Maps a 10, but it occasionally had a hiccup, but miss Google Maps won hands down.  The real test is in Italy when I go, which is soon.  I will not have Sat Nav and just will rely on her!!! 

More to follow on the Sat Nav and Google in my next posts.. but thank you for reading!

As always, comments or corrections are always appreciated!!!

Tiaraidh an Dràsda




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