Have you heard of Balvenie Castle?

Have you heard of Balvenie Castle?

Balvenie Castle

Near enough for a day drive from Aberdeen.  I did make it to my B&B and it was a wonderful sleep and delicious breakfast.  Off I went after Dave parked my car for me the night before… I tell you after this trip, I am so much more confident driving on the left side of the road, shifting with my left hand because I was able to park the car myself the next night and even backed it in!!!

Aurora Guest House to Balvenie Castle - Google Maps

On my way to Balvenie Castle, I got lost.  Of course, I did.   I had made a lot of wrong turns for sure and got lost about 45 minutes due to the dueling Sat Nav and Google Maps!  Lovely villages and roads, but confusing, to say the least when I could not picture where I was going in my head due to those women talking… Sat Nav and Google Maps.  Errrrr

Upon arriving, I noticed how small the parking lot was and nowhere for me to park, but lucky me, the lovely lady who worked there, let me park next to the small shop where you pay or have a membership card and buy some souvenirs.  The road going in is also a small one-way road, just FYI.  I don’t dig those one-way roads so much!

It is a delightful castle with some great history.  My ancestors were part of this Castle, so I made sure I said hello to them all!  These were relatively a short set of steps to climb let me tell you!

The kitchen area with a huge fireplace and some little plants growing out of the wall!

Yes, I believe this is the toilet!!!

As always, comments or corrections are appreciated!

Tiaraidh an Dràsda


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