Elgin Cathedral

Elgin Cathedral

Beautiful, Elgin Cathedral in the town of Elgin in Scotland.  I was not going to go here, but the custodian at Spynie Palace told me about it and well, it really was 10 minutes away from Spynie, so why not?  I am so glad that I did.

Why stop the trip now?  After visiting Balvenie Castle and Spynie Palace what a great way to wrap up the day at Elgin Cathedral.  First and foremost, you must witness my badass parallel parking.. if I do say so myself!

So after I was puffed up with my pride of my parallel parking.. Ken and Dave take notice please!!! I was lucky to have arrived with enough time to buy some more reading books for my grandbabies.. did I mention I have four beautiful grandbabies?  Well I do and I have number 5 on the way..

I am so lucky and blessed by the Goddess to have such a flourishing family.. and well.. more reason to travel, so I can bring back great stories of adventure from their Nana.

As I was saying till I started to ramble, I arrived with enough time to buy some books and take my time through the ruins.  What a grand site the Cathedral was and some beautiful artifacts and of course my favorite.. graveyards and headstones!  Here are some pictures of the some of the headstones I saw..

How about them bones?
More bones!!!!!!


I chose the Gordon picture due to the Gordons’ being ancestors!!! It is all about the ancestors to me!  Go see Elgin!

No, I have not and I can’t wait to see them!
Thank you for letting me come to your beautiful Cathedral

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and little story as much as I did.  I did end up making it back by about 6:30 pm and had a lovely dinner…  Read more about the Cathedral.. https://www.historicenvironment.scot/visit-a-place/places/elgin-cathedral/

I will post on my dinners while in Aberdeen next.. but remember… life is short, live it to the fullest and don’t forget to say I love you.. and love.. if only once.. love and let it burn in your heart with wonderful memories…

As always, comments or corrections are appreciated.. Scotland is my heart..

Tapadh Leibh 




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