Spynie Palace…. Palace of my ancestors

Spynie Palace…. Palace of my ancestors

Spynie Palace

Spynie Palace.  Upon entering I approached the custodian of the Palace for the day, who was a Stewart like me for information on visiting the site.  He filled me on some cool details about the Stewart’s time at the Palace.

Spynie Palace  It was pretty awesome to stand where my ancestors built something so beautiful and they were pretty famous for it too!

Walking through the Palace, trying to imagine the workings of it and the beauty was not hard.  Since I have spent now three years in a row in Scotland, using my imagination is getting easier, sometimes, not so much, but knowing that my ancestors came from this area and so many others that I have visited just seals the deal for the fourth year in a row!

Just need to decide when and where!  There are so many places I need to go!

Please enjoy some of the pictures from the Palace…

I hope you enjoyed the photos and the video!!!!

Stay tuned for Elgin Cathedral.. I just followed the trail after Spynie Palace… it is amazing!!! just as Spynie Palace….

Feashar Math



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