Welcome to Italy!  Welcome to my post on my Italian vacation.  Pisa will be our first stop.  I came here with my friend Whitney, a well deserved vacation for both of us.  Where do I begin?  Well, we took our long flight, out of LAX which I am not a fan of the traffic, but my brother dropped us off in plenty of time.

We even had time for some lunch and drinks before the flight.   We stopped for Mexican food, cause you know we love it so much and had a bite to eat and some drinks before the flights, even a shot for us both before the flight!

It was a good flight, took Alitalia on a direct flight to Fiumicino Airport.  So beautiful flying in to Italy.  http://www.adr.it/fiumicino  We arrived a bit early, which was great, but getting the rental car, well that requires some info in the tips and hints page for Italy.  Here we are being silly and eating.. something that is always being done here in Italy.      



Welcome to Italy!

We picked up our car, manual gear of course! and I have to say Google maps was right on for the trip to Pisa.  Of course the wrong turns or missed exits was my fault, but all and all it was great.  Thank you Whitney for your excellent navigation skills.  Long day of travel to say the least, but we made it just as it was getting dark, whew!! 

We arrived tired for sure, but excited to be in Italy, Pisa and wow, the leaning tower was less than 5 minutes from our place.  We checked into an amazing little hotel.. the Hotel Pisa Tower.  https://www.hotelpisatower.com/en/   Welcoming and friendly and so refreshing after lots of travel.  We checked in and showered before and after our night walk around the Piazza.  

We headed out right after the first shower, did I mention it was a bit warm that night?  well, I suppose it could have been hotter, but after wearing traveling clothes for over 24 hours, we felt, eek!!!  We got some great pictures of the Piazza with a night view and they were amazing…

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This will be a two part post, because, we saw so much the next day.  Seeing the Piazza at night was so beautiful and less crowded for sure.  Beware of the peddlers, they are looking to make some bucks off of you!  Just say no, unless you really want to get some stuff.  We ended with a decent dinner, trust me they got better, but after a good night sleep and preparation for the next day…. it was amazing!

As always comments or corrections are appreciated!!!!

Putting this post out was hard, wifi is not the best here in Italy, it is just a fact…










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