The Square of Miracles

Back to “square” one!  No pun intended.  We started out day here at the Leaning Tower and took off on an unplanned awesome adventure.  After lunch, we weaved our way back to the Square of Miracles.  Next up, CamposantoHere is the website for the Square of Miracles.  It is also called Piazza del Duomo.


The Cemetery is the last monument on Piazza del Duomo, its long marble wall flanking the northern boundary and completing its shape. It was founded in 1277 to accommodate the graves that until then were scattered all around the Cathedral. Archbishop Federico Visconti wanted the building to be a “large and dignified, secluded and enclosed place”. This is how one of the oldest Christian Medieval architectures for the devotion of the dead came into being (Camposanto, 2018).

Very impressive in size I must say and going there during a hot is a very cool place to be.  Camposanto literally means cemetary or graveyard.  There is a guard at the front, you need tickets to enter so buy them ahead of time.  Check the website, the link I provided above.

Wow!  I think we said that in every place we went, but WOW, the frescos were amazing.  Fresco : the art of painting on freshly spread moist lime plaster with water-based pigments (Merriam-Webster, 2018).  It was beautiful.  We were lucky, it was not so crowded so were able to enjoy the Fresco’s and all of the beauty of the architecture. 

The building began to be used as a museum, its walls engraved with Roman epigraphs and the sarcophagi relocated to the corridors, acting now as valuables documents of history and art. The use of the building as a museum established itself in the early nineteenth century when the Cemetery became one of Europe’s first public museums. In the years in which Napoleon decreed that many works of art should be taken away from the churches and taken to France, Carlo Lasinio, appointed Curator of the Cemetery by Maria Luisa, Queen of Etruria, collected amidst its frescoed walls the sculptures and paintings that were in the suppressed churches and convents of the city (Camposanto, 2018).  

This is by far my favorite pictures for the day at the Camposanto

So to end this tour was super cool.  We took our time, enjoyed the beauty and the scary stuff too!  I hoped you liked as much as we did!  It is a must see for all you history buffs!

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