Square of Miracles – Cathedral and Baptistery

Square of Miracles – Cathedral and Baptistery

The Cathedral

The end of our long day came to an end at the Cathedral and the Baptistery.  The Square of Miracles is beautiful.  However, I can only imagine during “tourist” season how incredibly full of people it becomes.  It was crowded when we were there and I don’t believe that was “tourist season”.

In any event, we were able to see and do more I think in one day than a normal tour would have provided.  Walking the wall and experiencing Pisa on a whole new level as so cool.  So, we approached the Cathedral in the afternoon and lucky us, not so very crowded!


It was a perfect end to our day.  When you go to Pisa, take the time to look at all the Square of Miracles has to offer.  If you are lucky don’t go during tourist season!  The lack of huge crowds makes such a difference.  

Check out these websites so you can read about where you are going and why.  When I travel I try to make sure each site has some meaning to me, even if it is to get the picture of me holding the Leaning Tower of Pisa! 🙂





We had gone back to “clean up” and dress up for our dinner and was refreshing to do so after walking all day and so glad that we chose this restaurant for dinner.  It was our last night in Pisa and we wanted authentic! 

As always in Italy, the food is amazing.  We had a wonderful dinner at a more “local” place and off the tourist track.  http://www.pizzerialatana.com/

Ristorante Pizzeria La Tana Pisa - Google Maps

Dinner was off the hook!  My first time having a meal with Gnocchi! I briefly tried it a some time ago in the states, but OMG it WAS THE BOMB!!!!

Just FYI…. authentic also means dinner starts about 7 pm and they really do let you enjoy your dinner by taking your time, they do not rush you out, but please, order dessert and coffee!  It is almost expected and I learned my lesson that night.  I was truly full from our delicious meal, but I should have eaten a bit slower so I might be ABLE to enjoy a dessert and coffee as well.

WHEW, did I say lesson learned?  We ended up staying about an hour longer because they thought I was still deciding!!! I mean Whitney had dessert, but I learned that we both needed dessert! LOL

I hope you enjoyed Pisa as much as we did.  There was more to do for sure, but as most of you know, you pick some things to do on your list, do them and do something spontaneous like we did and have a great story for a lifetime!

As always comments or corrections are appreciated!






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