Poppi.  Who knew?  We were going to be driving for a while on day three from Pisa to San Marino, FYI that is a small country in Italy.  We wanted to avoid the expensive toll roads as much as possible and a couple hours drive was not too bad, right?  Ugg, it was a long day, but we found Poppi!

Poppi basically sat in the middle of our drive from Pisa to San Marino and…and… it has a Castle!!! Yes.  We both love old stones… remember the other post I mentioned the “old stone smell”?  Well, adventure is in our soul, so off we go!

Now, when you say mountains, my brain somehow forgot how many turns and twists and shifting needed to occur, so let’s just say.. I got good at it, oh after we drove through… ok, I am not that good, but driving in 1st gear up an 18% grade (that was closer to San Marino, FYI) was some weird stuff for the automatic girl!!  

Anyhow, back to Poppi.  So cool that we stopped here because we were hungry and needed to exercise.  When driving long distances, stretching your legs is so necessary.  Boy did we stretch them!! Lots of climbing and walking which is wonderful to help before and after you eat as well.  We found Poppi, walked up to the town and had THE BEST LUNCH ever!  OMG, it really was an authentic Italian village food.  The service was great, the BREAD was awesome and our lunches… YUMMMMMM, that is the minimum I can say.  

On to the castle!  I love castles if you have read any of my other posts you can see how much I love castles.  Anyhow, it was a treat to find one in such nice condition in Poppi.  





The castle had some great history to it and many things to see.  The weather was perfect that day.  It turned out to be a great day!!! What a great find on the map on our way to San Marino.  So glad that we stopped along the way.  I can still taste the Risotto and that bread.. sooooo good!!

If you like a medieval village, Poppi is the one for you!  Just be prepared for twists and turns and adventure!  

As always, comments or corrections are appreciated!

Ciao bella!



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