My journey to San Marino…

My journey to San Marino…

Where will you be in a year?

Well, I can tell you I never thought that San Marino would be in the books at the beginning of the fall season.  That is what this blog is about.  Traveling and enjoying life and all the stuff in between.  We all have to work and make a living to go on these great trips and for the first post of Scotland to now, the excitement has not bubbled down! 

Single Female Traveler!  Take that in the context of being a single person, not necessarily by yourself.  It takes hard work, lots of planning and organizing, but that is the fun part of travel.  Planning your trips.  Travel in your country first.  Enjoy what makes your country amazing.  There are fifty states where I live and being only in handful gives me a goal!  International travel is incredible, but don’t forget what is in your backyard and beyond.  

Helpful Hints

Deciding that a tips and hints section is really needed in every post, that will be the new focus of each post from this one forward, I will attempt to update my others with tips and hints.  I appreciate reading all the tips and hints possible before heading out on any journey, even if its an hour away from where I live.  On to San Marino.

San Marino

What a beautiful country.  What a journey we took to get there!  We left Pisa in the morning, stopped in beautiful Poppi and then headed to our next destination:  San Marino.  Until Whitney had told me about it and we planned months ahead, I had NO IDEA there were officially two other countries in Italy.  The Vatican is one, but San Marino is the other.

Driving Tips 

  • Avoiding the Autostrada will take you longer to get to San Marino from Pisa
  • You will be driving through the mountains, so if you get car sick sit in the front
  • ENJOY the view stopping along the way to enjoy the beautiful countryside & such things as wild roses!

So this was the journey where I hit the 18% grade uphill!  OMG… My wheels struggled for a minute and Whitney and I looked at each other.. yikes!! We made it!! Yes.  Whoo-hoo.  I am telling you, this is nothing for a manual shift driver, but for folks like me… automatic all the way at home.. then car rental in Italy.. and I did it and made my dad proud!  I have had about a year’s worth of gear shifting advice and I did it all in one day!  

Wheww.. we made it to San Marino.  Incredible.  We stayed at the Hotel Cesare.  Incredible! 


  • When you get to San Marino, check into your hotel so you can get your parking pass, but don’t forget to get one while you head to the hotel, unless you are parking during the “free time”
  • Only residents can drive through the city streets, visitors on the outskirts
  • You need to pay if you only come for the day for parking
  • There is a different parking section depending on the part of town you go to 

 We checked in that evening and had the best view!  Hotel Cesare is beautiful. 


Dinner was at Restaurant Pizzeria Nido del Falco.  A long day of travel and delicious food makes the day complete.  We took some photos of the beautiful night view as well.  

I hope you enjoyed our first “day” and night in San Marino.  To follow with be our hiking and adventure day.  Thanks for reading!

As always, comments or corrections are appreciated!

Ciao Bella!





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