A day in San Marino

A day in San Marino

A beautiful day in San Marino

Looking forward to a wonderful day in San Marino was on the “to do” list for us.  Lots of driving we have been doing so far in Italy, so it feels good to stop and “smell the roses”, per se.  Planning out our day was easy.  The castle, some hiking, which is the case just walking in San Marino and looking for the Museum of Torture!  Yikes.  

After a yummy breakfast, need I remind you that the “continental” breakfast served in Italy and or San Marino is not the one you see at your local hotel in the states?  Fresh fruits, juices, meat, cheese or the cheese, eggs, cereals, incredibly delicious cappuccino, or espresso, bread, you get the picture, so damn good!!!!

We headed out to find a post office so I could mail my grandson his birthday card from San Marino!  It took us a while, but we found it.  We also had our passport stamped to officially show we were in San Marino.  It cost 5 Euro but so worth it!!  http://www.visitsanmarino.com/on-line/en/home.html

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We walked through town and took the Aerial Tramway from the top to the bottom and back again, just for a cool view and fun thing to do.  It seems as though that is how many people travel into San Marino on a daily!  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Marino#Public_transport

Three Towers of San Marino


It is quite the uphill walk to get to the first of these three towers.  The first two are accessible to the public and the third not so much.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Towers_of_San_Marino

After walking a bit through San Marino, we continued that tradition of “uphill” here at The Guaita!  (The Guaita is the oldest of the three towers, and the most famous. It was constructed in the 11th century and served briefly as a prison. It was rebuilt numerous times and reached its current form in the 15th century during the war fought between San Marino and the House of Malatesta , Wikipedia contributors. (2018, May 10)

Super cool views like looking on top of the world!  We walked over to the second tower which is called The Cesta.  (The Cesta is located on the highest of Monte Titano’s summits. A museum to honor Saint Marinus, created in 1956, is located in this tower and showcases over 1,550 weapons dating from the Medieval Era to the modern-day.[2] It was constructed in the 13th century on the remains of an older Roman fort, Wikipedia contributors. (2018, May 10)

The last tower is not open to the public, that last picture in the video is of the tower The Montale.  (The Montale is located on the smallest of Monte Titano’s summits. Unlike the other towers, this one is not open to the public. It was constructed in the 14th century. It is thought to have been constructed to give protection against the increasing power of the Malatesta family in that region.  It was also used as a prison, and accordingly, the only entrance to the tower is a door about seven meters from ground level, which was common for prison architecture of the time, Wikipedia contributors. (2018, May 10)


We ended up following a trail through some woodsy area trying to find this last tower and ended up somewhere else!!! Lucky for us we could walk back within a reasonable distance, but the uphill stuff is NO JOKE.  Food was on our mind so we had a lovely lunch… As always some “still” water and wine!  A must in Italy or San Marino. 

After our yummy lunch, we headed out to find the Museum of Torture.  Well, we found a Museum of Torture, but it was not THE “Museum of Torture” but we did find it later.  

We headed to the Museum of Curiosities, now that was weird for sure!!!

A much-needed rest and a cappuccino was in order so we headed back to Hotel Cesare for just that!  20180921_164103

We wanted to find the “real” Museum of Torture so after some caffeine off we went! San Marino streets are twisty and have turns everywhere, so needless to say, we twisted and turned until good old google maps found it!  AMAZING!!!  We found it!!!  http://www.thetorturemuseum.it/

Museum of Torture

Horrifying to say the least!  The museum is done in good taste if that is possible, however horrible to know that these things were used on people and that people enjoyed doing this and watching this.  Everything in there made me shudder!!!!  With that being said, you should check it out!  Our history as humans is quite terrifying.

After all of that and we took our time looking, we were suddenly getting hungry.  Gross huh.  LOL.  We headed back to the hotel for a lovely delicious dinner right at Hotel Cesare.  Sleep was on the agenda after a long day of walking through on a smidge of this beautiful country of San Marino.  It sort of felt like I was in Genovia from The Princess Diaries.  I kept waiting for someone to offer me a pear of something like that.  Haha.

Thank you for enjoying San Marino in our two short days here!  Onward to the next adventure stop.  As always comments or corrections are appreciated!





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