The beautiful…Polignano A Mare

The beautiful…Polignano A Mare

Polignano A Mare

Talk about gorgeous.  Wow!  Words did leave us at times.  The Adriatic Sea is incredibly beautiful and Polignano A Mare is just beautiful.  When Whitney showed me where we would be staying I fell in love, but I admit the drive to get there and the little adventure on the ricksha was unexpected yet fun.  Everything we have done in Italy has been amazing, fun, unexpected or just awesome!!!  Polignano A Mare

Polignano A Mare is a town or community in the City of Bari.  Being a town that depends on fishing, agriculture and tourism one would expect tourism to be in full force.  We arrived on the weekend of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2018! Cliff Divers!

Talk about tourists.  People from all over Italy and the world were attending this event and we literally walked right into the middle of it!  No complaints because we saw some really cool diving and some really beautiful people!!!!  

We were tired, to say the least, but had a great day exploring and having a great lunch.  

  1. Dinner does not start until about 7pm.  In ITALY!  (we were starving and started eating at like 5:30).  🙂 Lucky for us they were open!
  2. People stay up late on the weekends!  Especially in a place like Polignano A Mare
  3. Everyone has a great tan and if they don’t you know they are a tourist
  4. Breakfast is pretty much the same throughout Italy.. at least for tourists

We went down to the water and swam for about three hours.  Funny, there were so MANY people that day, it was Sunday and after walking to the beach with a wrap over my bathing suit and the upper part of my suit showing, but when we were coming back into town, good thing I understood VESTIVA

The female officer was yelling at me through a crowd to cover up my bosom!  OMG.  Still, it was Sunday so maybe you can’t walk into town this way.  We looked and sure enough, their shorts were crawling up their butts, but the ladies had their chest covered, sort of!  Lesson learned Signora.  


Lunch was simply amazing.  People were everywhere and not a table to be found!  Over three hours in the water can make you mighty hungry y’all.  My Whitney has to cover herself from the sun due to her fair skin, so we needed a shaded place as well.  Lucky us, we found a table on the “inside” of L’Archibugio!.  It was a bit warmer inside, due to the ovens and whatnot, but we did not care, we found a table.  Water, wine, bread, food.  We got all of that!  Amazing food.  Fresh and delicious.  

The manager was super cool with us and gave us a shot of two very different drinks.  I preferred the Almond drink.  If you go to Polignano A Mare, please eat here, you will not be disappointed! 


We headed out into town after that.. and with that.. part 2 of The beautiful Polignano A Mare shall follow…

As always comments or corrections are appreciated!

Ciao cari!


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