Polignano A Mare…

Polignano A Mare…

Polignano A Mare.. a walk thru town

Walking through town, I took a picture with a nice Nonno (grandpa).  He looks confused, well, because he probably was.  I sort of ran up to him and asked to take a picture with him.  What could he say?  I was fast and thankful.  I was trying to find the people of Polignano A Mare, not to be “justs” a tourist.  It made my day that I found him and he took the really quick picture!

Onward we went, walking through town away from tourists, where the locals hung their clothes out on a line from the window and the most incredible ways to park your car occured not matter the town we were in. 

Italy, I reflect, is of the old and the new.  So many places were sort of stuck in time.  Yet, around the corner could be modern, technology everywhere and fashionistas.  

I have taken for granted the traveling that I have done and have realized that how incredibly amazing this world is and how it flows.  In Italy just as in Scotland, food varied, accents, customs and even the way you park your car or ride your bike changes from village to town to city and so on.

We walked to the seaside and were just blown away (not literally) by the incredible beauty.  I have been privileged to see the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea, the Adriatic Sea, the Tyrrhenian Sea.  We have a beautiful world people.. enjoy it!

Rant over!…On to the view of the sea.

We headed back to our room, which by the was super cool.  Here are some pictures of the room.   I bought these adorable dresses for my granddaughter in a little shop by our room.

We stayed at a really nice place right by the water.  http://www.bebpoesiadimare.com/

It was super cool and so so different from what we had been staying at! Walking can make you really tired along with the sea air and a bit of wine to help.  We ended our night eating some of course yummy food and crashed for the night… we were heading to Matera the next day so a bit of a drive for us. 

The next morning before we left the weather again was perfect.  We took a few more pictures of the beautiful.. Polignano A Mare…

  • If you come here, come when the weather is nice so you can enjoy the water
  • Most places make you park far away and come in by foot or Rickshaw (Cafe Max) was our stopping point. 
  • IT is a TOURIST town, but rich with culture and history
  • You still need to cover your body up, no thong bathing suits in town, reserve it for the beach or the water
  • Plan on spending some Euros.  It is not cheap in the tourist towns
  • Drink in the beauty

Thank you Polignano A Mare for the wonderful memories.  I hope to come back here one day sooner than later!  Off to Matera!



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