Matera an ancient city

Again, Whitney has found an amazing part of Italy that I had never even heard of until she showed me on the computer.  I was to say the least SUPER excited to come to Matera.

  • ZTL is alive and well all over Italy, take heed while driving through any town
  • If you are staying at a hotel, check in with them ahead of time to find out where to park
  • Google maps is pretty darn good,  but I am sure even the Sat Nav would get a bit lost in Matera
  • Pay attention to the signs where to park and where NOT to park
  • If you have to use the “Toilet” take change, you will need it to use it!

We stayed in the amazing Sextantio LeGrotto Della Civita.  Please take the time to look at the website.  The story of this hotel is amazing.  Above are some pictures of our room.  I mean, the service from the start to finish it just top notch.  The staff are all so knowledgeable, friendly and so helpful.  I feel so darn lucky to have stayed here if only for one night!

To borrow from the website and I quote,“Le Grotte della Civita is placed in the oldest part of the Sassi, the CIVITA, facing the spectacular Murgia park and its rock-hewn churches. It comprises 18 rooms and an ancient church, the “Cripta della Civita”, now used as a common area, all renovated to retain their original features”, end quote.  

If you should get the opportunity to stay at this amazingly beautiful and unique place… do it!!! It is so worth it.  

Walking through Matera

Onward to a beautiful day walking through the ancient city of Matera.  After checking in and dropping our stuff off, we took off for some lunch and exploring.  We at at a yummy restaurant called RistorantedeNico..

So damn good! 

I tell you, the food in Italy, not matter where we ate, even the the tourist traps, this was not one of them was just divine.  Of course the more we left the touristy areas, the better the food tasted to both of us, but OMG, the food here is just amazing.  

We walked through the old and new part of the city.  There were vendors selling their wares, chapels to explore and we even paid for a small tour of a cave home in Matera. feel of old and ancient is everywhere, even in the “new” part of town, it is amazing.   


As always, comments or corrections are appreciated… see you for dinner!!!!

Ciao Bella,


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