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Outlander Fan? Falkland is the place to visit

Outlander!  The book series is just the thing we women need to solidify our crushes on incredibly handsome, strong, virile highlander men!  Oh my!  Well, just so you know, Falkland is not in Outlander, but it is used as a backdrop for the TV series.  Paula is a HUGE Outlander fan! After leaving St. Andrews, we headed to Falkland.   The…

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Breezy day in Aguas Caliente

Sunday The day for rest or exploring a little, lunch with friends and preparing for Machu Picchu. Wait! There is really no preparing for Machu Picchu if you’re not an outdoor enthusiast but that is for the next post.    Sunday, we slept in, which was much needed!  Up around 10am, dressed and heading out for some much-needed coffee.  We…

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The train to Machu Picchu

Inca Rail The boarding process was pretty simple, but keep in mind, you should buy your ticket ahead of time and at the Cusco airport you have to provide your emailed copy with your PASSPORT, people the passport is a big deal here.  Can’t do really anything without it.  Keep it safe.  Anyhow, after you get your “ticket” at the…

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A quick stop in St. Andrews

St. Andrews Golf Course This day would turn out to be quite the busy day!  A quick trip to St. Andrews Golf Course and off to the next destination.  For any golfer, this is one of the coveted golf courses to play.  I am NOT a golfer, however I can understand, I get this way when I see a historic building.  Check…

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A Palace, a Castle in a rock and sunny day

The old and the new Holyrood.  A working Palace, a palace of old and new, well mostly old but the current (new) monarchy use this Palace when in Scotland.  It is truly a beautiful Palace.  The history, like all the castles and palaces in Scotland, are simply incredible to me, either a ruin, or ones that still host Royalty, I…

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Have you been to Calton Hill?

I have been to Calton Hill.  Went there at the end of April 2016 for the incredible Beltane Fire Festival !  It was so cold that night, but totally worth all the frozen toes, I really thought I was dressed warm, ha! the cold air from Scotland fooled the Southern California girl and it was at night! Go during the day…

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1st stop.. Scott Monument..

Breakfast Did I mention how wonderful our hosts were at Bunree?  If not I will again.  Una and Hamish were so nice and helpful and great cooks!!  After a wonderful meal, we headed out to Halbeath Park and Ride to take the bus into Edinburgh.  I recommend taking public transportation as much as you can, some places you just need a car,…

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