Not quite Naples, not quite Sorento, but in between.  How amazing that we could stay on both the coasts of Italy and experience such a difference in coastlines.

Rent Royal Villas L'Approdo Meta-Sorrento - Google Maps

We drove from Matera, what a drive.  OMG.  I tell you, driving in a different country has given me perspective on just trying to stay in my own lane…. I have a few video clips of our drive to Meta..

(↑this was not the long tunnel↑ just one of the many tunnels).  Just so you know we went through one long a** tunnel just to get there from the road.  The SS145 was one hell of a tunnel on the way into Meta.  I swear I saw grocery stores and restaurants in there somewhere! Just kidding.

Meta is just as amazing as Polignano A Mare was, each coast had its own uniqueness and how lucky I or we rather were to see both, though for a short time, we touched both coastal waters.  

Checked into the room and headed out for exploring, aperitivo was on the menu.  Afterward we headed into Meta near where we were staying to explore.  I have  a few pictures and a funny video of a really small road with a large bus!


  1. Remember in Italy, no matter where you are ZTL is everywhere!  Pay attention to where to drive into and to where you park!
  2. Pay attention where you walk the road your on may change and turn into private property.  See above video of abandoned house.  
  3. Remember when you go out to eat dinner, it is usually about 6 or 7 pm when it is served and people, order the dessert! :

We ended out night early, dinner at 6.. lasted a while still.  It was delicious as usual!  We ate at the La Conca… so nice.. it was not crowded and the night called for a sweater, but just so beautiful.  

We headed in early because we needed to catch a bus and a train into Herculaneum.

There is nothing better than the lovely bread, wine, food and ambience of a great Italian dinner.  Thank you Meta for a great day…



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