Herculaneum?  Just as awesome as Pompeii.. maybe even a bit more awesome…

Herculaneum? Just as awesome as Pompeii.. maybe even a bit more awesome…


What a gloriously sunny and hot day to venture to Herculaneum.  We decided to see Herculaneum instead of Pompeii.  Why?  Well, while Pompeii is synonymous with Italy and Mount Vesuvius, Herculaneum, I had never heard of until Whitney told me about it. 

Originally our plans were to go to Vesuvius and then Herculaneum.  It did not happen.  Why you ask?  Well simply the wind was too fierce to be taken up there and they did not offer tours for that day.  Ugg, but we trucked into Ercolano and it was AMAZING.

Here is some information for the train in Sorrento to Naples   Take the Circumvesuviana train.  It needs to pay for ahead of time at the station and you need to show your receipt before boarding.  Be aware, you may have standing room only.  We did, but it was air-conditioned and in better shape than other trains.

Words to consider

  • Take the train early
  • Sorrento or Naples, you can catch this train either place
  • Use cash (Euro) or a credit card with an international transaction fee (saves money)
  • Wear sunscreen, it gets very hot there
  • Wear a hat if your fair-skinned or not, did I mention it gets hot there?
  • Be prepared to take the “tourist” road to Ercolano, there are persons calling out for you to eat at their establishment all up and down the street, make a good choice… we did…
  • It is worth buying the “skip the line” tickets, it really is worth it
  • Get a tour or tour guide, it makes things so much easier to follow along!  I can’t emphasize this enough, take the tour

Herculaneum is amazing.  In retrospect, I think a tour or tour guide would have been nicer than listening to the headphones.  We still managed, but we kind of went from spot to spot, not in any particular order.  We would get in order and then get turned around, so for the tourist, a tour would have been best.

Check this out… https://sites.google.com/site/ad79eruption/herculaneum-1/suburban-district/shoreline  It was so interesting to look at an amazing that they found it in such good condition, considering a volcano destroyed it and thousands of years have gone by.  


The Roman boat was found in 1982.  They also found the body of an oarsman and a soldier that had a sword, belt, and other military items! We had a good three hours or so to walk around and just breathe in the amazement. 

That people lived here and died such a terrible death.  The skeletons were so sadly creepy.  There is so much to see, I could not nor could Whitney imagine trying to see Pompeii as well.  Even Vesuvius.




We ended our day with plenty of sunlight so we could get back to the room safely.  We stopped for lunch as well and it was delicious!

  We ended our day, tired from our walking and exploring, but happy.20180927_140303

We got back to our room, showered, changed and waited to go out to dinner.  We ate dinner at Tico Tico.  https://www.ristoranteticotico.it/   Literally right down the road from where we stayed.  So delicious!  If you have the chance, see this part of Italy.  I wish we had more time in every place but feel so happy that we saw a little bit here and a little bit there.  


Ciao… Sheri


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