Arriving in Rome

Arriving in Rome


What can one say about the Capital city of Roma?  A lot.  It is a cosmopolitan city that has both the ancient, old and new all mixed in together.  It is a hustle and bustle of teeming life.  People on corners all over the city, selling their wares, food, clothes, trinkets, and tours.  

What is visiting Roma without a tour?  Well, let me tell you to take the tour!  There are some things that you can do on your own if you’re clever enough, but for the most part, the really cool places are much better with a tour.  Unless you have a personal tour guide?  You could be lost in a second and oh yes, make sure if you’re on your own you speak Italian.

We turned our car in at Fiumicino Airport (which can be a little intimidating) and took a train into Rome. (take the Leonardo Express).  You will get there faster and with fewer stops.  

Pay Attention!

Pay attention when you exit, you could end up on a completely different train area.  We walked.  Walked from the train station to the hotel.  Thank you GoogleMaps!  She does rip up the Italian language however, her pronunciation much to be desired, but it works!

Rome is the capital city.  Remember this people.  There are “people” everywhere!  The sidewalks are full of them, cars honking all over the place, buses everywhere, taxis and cobblestone streets.  Pay attention to where you are walking.  Keep your bags close to you!

Hotel Art Deco

We made it to the hotel!  YES, so tired we were.  We stayed at the Hotel Art Deco The service was nice, we had breakfast each morning and a friendly reception area.  Elevators were small, for this, the luggage could be an issue for some.  We made it work.  Here are some things I learned in Rome.

  1. Wifi is spotty no matter where you are 
  2. Our version of friendly and theirs could be two different things 
  3. Italians, for the most part, speak very fast, so don’t interrupt them when they are giving you directions
  4. The Army could be standing on the corner with very big guns, it’s just what they do here
  5. Pay attention!  There are peddlers peddling their wares, EVERYWHERE!  don’t get caught up in the stories about their families in other countries that could be helped if you “just buy a bracelet”
  6. Try walking a little further or on a not so traveled street to find restaurants.  The ones off the beaten path are not so tourist-driven
  7. There are a lot of people smoking.. be wary into which direction you turn

Be aware of your surroundings, prepare ahead of time and buy your tours ahead of time if you can as well.

Tiber River
The Tiber River  ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑.

As always, comments or corrections are appreciated.  See you at the Vatican next post…






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